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Alicia Willis

Guardians Of Asgaard-Amon Amarth (first half of the solo)

This is the first time I’ve learned something solely from tabs. 😬
I’m alternate picking the last part and I think it’s supposed to be a continuous hammer on/pull off thing....but these strings are thick and I can’t get that just yet so the alternate picking works for now.
Also I think the bend is a bit short.

Also, I’m in C standard. This song is played in Drop A
I can see you're feeling it, and your vibrato is starting to really shine! I think it's a good time to start incorporating alternate picking, as you'll really want to use it on this solo. Great fucking work! I can't wait to see this further along!
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What Jak said! It sounded really good already, but get used to alternate picking as soon as possible, it will make your life a lot easier in more complex stuff. Also, this sounded good as I said, but I got into the habit of listening and watching somebody play what I want to learn while also using tabs. Because when I started I used tabs only and it resulted in me learning stuff in a really weird timing and I could not get the feel of it.
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