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    Digital processor trouble

    thanks will try when i have the guts to do it cuz if i make it worse im doomed currency diffrence make it near impossible to buy new gears where i live
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    Digital processor trouble

    hi if there is anyone with the knowladge or experiance on processor repair i need some help. I've been using Pod xt Live on stage and it started lightly at first but now it uncontrollablely switches tones between channels in the middle of a song while edit button is closed. For more clear...
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    Lead Guitar

    lead guitar is basicly a vessel of the whatever feeling the song needs to implement on the listeners without using words. About not knowing what to do instead of noodling around you can listen to the chords behind and target their 3rd and build your passages around them while building tension...
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    theory behind syn's solos

    this definitely put me in a direction thank you 🤘
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    theory behind syn's solos

    hello everyone i ve been playing live gigs as solo guitarist for a not really long while as a self taught, i can apply the most main guitar theory basics-inters to my improv or written solos live but i dont really have a great knowladge of the really advanced guitar theory material and i want to...