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  1. Nickstib


    So I know I already entered a clip of this song but this thread got me hooked on trying to learn more of it. I re hit the tapping lessons (because I just havent been able to get good at that ever) and now trying to do the last solo in dreams I finally got it to sound like something. I dont care...
  2. Nickstib


    I’m no tapping EVH SOLO master so here’s my attempt at the intro to dreams(my fav). also anyone who uses Bias FX what do you guys use to switch between clean and distorted rigs without having to click the mouse lol is there a comparable pedal?
  3. Nickstib

    Restoring an UN-loved Syn Gates Custom (original model) and key model differences!

    Damn beautiful job and now you have a sweet story to go with it! I’ve been searching for a white and gold also you’re not lying when you say they’re few and far between.
  4. Nickstib

    Positive grid

    Anybody use the positive grid program or that new spark amp they’re selling? Been looking into it for the downloadable community tones and was curious if anyone on here uses either or recommends it?
  5. Nickstib

    How to get a7x amp tone?

    Search for premier guitars rig rundown video on YouTube. The tech shows each guitar players amp settings
  6. Buried alive fingerpick attempt intro

    Buried alive fingerpick attempt intro

    Hey all new member here. I stumbled across this school whole searching for finger picking and sweep picking techniques. Been playing self taught for a few years (took about a year of lessons in grade school but then didn’t play seriously). Love A7x and just got my custom S last week. Started...