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  1. megalizzie

    Syn's Birthday

    Would definitely join as well!
  2. megalizzie

    The REAL Key to A7X Tone

    All this time I thought it was finger tattoos
  3. megalizzie

    Love the album but not the band - discussion

    Mine is The Decemberists. I heard The Hazards of Love first, a full rock opera with a whole dramatic storyline of love and loss, a curse, a witch, a raging river, spectacular vocals, heavy guitars - still absolutely obsessed. The lyrics are so beautiful and I won’t spoil the ending! Imagine my...
  4. megalizzie

    Lessons Updates

    Alex, you’re a hero! you’re a hero! Thank you!!
  5. megalizzie

    PG Stream #3

    I’m going to start a document of PG Quotes because each livestream is funnier than the previous. Also, thanks for explaining CAGED for the ten thousandth time. I understand it better each time I hear it/see it demonstrated. 10/10 chickens
  6. megalizzie


    She is BEAUTIFUL I love her so much
  7. megalizzie


  8. megalizzie


    Let’s have a cat meet up, Yams wants to meet Satan
  9. megalizzie


    My new cat!! He’s a rescue and I named him Yams. He weighs 16 pounds. He’s very dumb. He doesn’t like to be carried. He does like to be petted. He has a lot to say. I would die for him in an instant. Presenting YAMMIE
  10. megalizzie

    PG Stream

    Walking with the Moon is A BANGER! Thanks for sharing it with us - had so much fun listening in.
  11. megalizzie

    Game Night on Worms!

    Y’all I have never played this game in my life and I’m going to ✨struggle✨ Please come offer moral support
  12. megalizzie

    New guitar day!

    Beautiful!!!! Congrats!!!!
  13. megalizzie

    Just want to thank all the community 🖤

    Welcome!!! Happy birthday soon!!!! So happy to have you here!!! Welcome to the family :rock-hand:
  14. megalizzie

    Streaming tomorrow - guitar practice with the homework from Lesson 42

    Hey fam! I'm gonna spend an hour or so working on the homework Papa Gates recommended for Lesson 42 tomorrow around 1 EST. Bring your guitars and spend time practicing with me, or just stop by and hit up the chat - whatever works. See you tomorrow! xoxox ML :rock-hand:
  15. megalizzie

    Spotlight Student: Christian Schulze AKA CJ

    Congratulations man!!!! Well deserved for an awesome dude!!! This is exciting, what a great choice.
  16. megalizzie

    Greetings Synners

    Welcome to the family! Really cool that you transcribe music, definitely interested to learn more about that. Glad to have you here!
  17. megalizzie

    Practice without your instrument + A7X breakdowns | Jan. 29 @ 12pmCST

    HELL YEAH I’ll be there :rock-hand:
  18. megalizzie

    Hello from the Tone Tracker

    What’s up! Welcome to the family! This is the friendliest place on the internet to talk music/guitars and it’s great to have you here :rock-hand:
  19. megalizzie

    Just joined and beginning to play the guitar.

    What’s up man! Beautiful guitar! Welcome to the fam, and know that this is the friendliest place you could ever learn an instrument. I’m new too, and I ask all kinds of “beginner” questions and everyone is so nice. Enjoy your journey! :rock-hand:
  20. megalizzie

    Howdy Synners! 💞

    Hey there!! Super happy to have you here, welcome to the family :rock-hand: