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    Guitar Reading music

    Hi everyboody, there is a lot of content on this platform but for reading music I only see tablature courses. Do someone know where can I learn how to read the music language 🎼??
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    How to change guitar strings on my Washburn Pro.

    Thank you for your answer, I will watch it right now.
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    How to change guitar strings on my Washburn Pro.

    Hi everybody, does anyone here can tell me where to look on the internet or can tell me how can I change my guitar strings on this kind of Washburn. Do I need special tool?
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    Introduction To Simple Chords – Em & G – Lesson 12

    Hey Hi, I am a very beginner guitarist and I want to know what is the guitar string preferred by synyster gate. Maybe it is a common question but is there anyone here knowing the answer? I am also new to this great community.