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  1. Ryan girvin

    Sweep Picking 1 – Lesson 79

    Welcome man!! How did you discover the school?? I've been posting about the school lately a lot on reddit and telling anyone that will listen about it as it's crazy how many A7X fans or even just people starting out playing the guitar don't know that this gem exists.
  2. Ryan girvin

    Sweep Picking 1 – Lesson 79

    Can someone help me? I don't think I'm doing it right. Lol. Edit: Nevermind. I tried uploading a video to see if I'm doing it right but it says the file is too large to upload.
  3. Ryan girvin


    Welcome to the family Trident!!!
  4. Ryan girvin

    Comment by 'Ryan girvin' in media 'when you have 60 seconds to audition for avenged sevenfold'

    SWEET playing my friend!! I've only been playing since November so the progress is going slow. I did start trying to play for like 2 weeks in 2019 but I don't really count that because I didn't learn anything. Lol. How long have you been playing for?? It will be a long long time before I have...
  5. Ryan girvin

    Introduction to Alternate Picking – Lesson 39

    I struggled for AGES with alternate picking due to me being self taught and I'd developed the bad habit of down picking everything. Don't ask why, it just felt natural to me I guess. Couldn't for the life of me get the hang of picking up and down for weeks so eventually I stopped trying. Fast...
  6. Ryan girvin

    HELLWIN, Veteran Got Shot, Anyone got one I can try before I die?

    You have a lot more to live for than you think you do brother!! Thank you for your service.
  7. Ryan girvin

    CoE, White Album, and Nightmare have no filler. Prove me wrong.

    Trust me man. NONE of their albums have filler. True, there's some songs that I didn't gel with right of the bat, but at one point or another I always found my way back to those songs and developed a deeper understanding and appreciation of all them too. And that I have why they're my favourite...
  8. Ryan girvin

    Papa got a new song.

    This was so cool Papa Gates!!! Definitely going on my playlist. It sometimes takes me a couple of listens to fully appreciate something but this one was catchy from the first listen. What you and Syn have done with this site it truly amazing. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!
  9. Ryan girvin

    CAGED System – The A Shape – Lesson 25

    Oh okay. Thank you.
  10. Ryan girvin

    CAGED System – The A Shape – Lesson 25

    Is there a reason why the A shape starts in the 5th position in this lesson?? Is it because the last note of the C shape in the previous lesson was on the 5th??
  11. Ryan girvin

    Overview of The CAGED System – Lesson 23

    Hi again. I'm hitting a bit of a wall on the whole CAGED system thing. I understand the concept... I think. Lol. But my fingers just won't comply with some of the shapes. Are there any exercises I can do to help with that?? I've been stuck for nearly a week on the shaped and no dice. I don't...
  12. Ryan girvin

    New Guy here.

    That really sucks about what happened to your fretting hand but you're all healed up now and ready to shred!! Welcome back my friend. I'm currently going through the process of learning guitar and it AIN'T easy. I started trying to learn in 2019 but stuff just got in the way all the time. Life...
  13. Ryan girvin

    Palm muting

    "Clean me"... 😆😂💀💀
  14. Ryan girvin

    Overview of The C Chord Family – Lesson 21

    Okay. I'll keep all that in mind when I feel like I've been spending too much time on one thing. Thank you.
  15. Ryan girvin

    Overview of The C Chord Family – Lesson 21

    Hi. Yes, that makes perfect sense. Thank you very much for your reply. I think I've finally got it now. I feel so stupid when I don't understand something like that or get stuck on something. Gates and his father are such amazing people for putting this whole thing together and for free at...
  16. Ryan girvin

    Overview of The C Chord Family – Lesson 21

    Hi. Can anyone help me out with understanding something. It's the C Major Chord family. That part I get, but how and why do A Minor chords come into it?? Is A minor they key?? And would the pent a tonic scale work over C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am & Bdim chords we learnt at the start of the lesson. I'm...
  17. Ryan girvin

    Save me

    The Wicked End solo is AWESOME... I can't wait till I'm good enough to play it!! Lol. But I think the OP was talking specifically just intro solos.
  18. Ryan girvin

    The Guitar Fretboard Layout – Lesson 6

    Okay. Yeah, that makes sense. Thank you very much for your reply. Guitar is hard. Lol. But I'm getting there and I feel like I'm in the right place.
  19. Ryan girvin

    The Guitar Fretboard Layout – Lesson 6

    Great lesson man. Really enjoying these!!! This might sound like a stupid question but is there a specific reason it's in sharps going down the neck and flats going back up? And is that always the case when travelling up and down the neck?