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  1. DGLee

    CAGED System – The C Shape – Lesson 24

    Is the lesson material available in a form to be printed. It would be handy since the video and on screen tab do not sync. I have looked, but for whatever reason (other than maybe it doesn't exist) have not found it.
  2. DGLee


    This is great. If the site is here for learning than that is what the community discussions should be focused on. It maintains the flow of the mission.
  3. DGLee

    How to stop being so hard on myself

    I know that I am late to this, but just joined yesterday and going through posts for inspiration and hopefully find a way to inspire someone else. This is something that I have posted on each wall in my practice area. It is also posted on the outside of the door that I walk in. When I feel that...
  4. DGLee

    MAKING a Guitar

    I built this one from scratch. The only thing that I did not "build" was the fretboard, I didn't have tools proper enough to measure and accurately slot the board. So I bought a slotted board. I did place and finish the frets. Also IF you do this, be careful of the wood choices you make. My...
  5. DGLee

    What notation software do you use and why?

    Guitar Pro, probably because I have been using it since about 1999. Just accustomed to its operation ....
  6. DGLee

    Guitar Reading music

    The Berkley Method is pretty good, but requires some self motivation and/or person to person instruction. Also, the Musicians Institute, Reading Music for Guitar by David Oakes. Overall theer are a lot of books out there, here is an online resource - https://www.wikihow.com/Read-Guitar-Music...
  7. DGLee

    New Guy here.

    Hey All. New to the site, been around guitar for a great many years, but consider myself top be a Begintermediate. I have learned tings through the years and have some knowledge, but have not always applied those things to physical playing/technique. There was a time about 35 years ago that I...