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  1. Donovan Etue

    Figuring out a guitar part by ear, having trouble

    Decided to take a crack at this. I downloaded the song and stuck it in reaper, halved the speed, and eq'd a bit to make it a bit easier to hear the guitar. Currently I'm tuned to E Standard. 2544 pattern is palm muted. * Signifies natural harmonics. The 76567 pattern I interpreted as a sweep.
  2. Donovan Etue

    Hell yeah dude! Congrats on the apprenticeship dude! That's awesome! 6 days a week in the shop I...

    Hell yeah dude! Congrats on the apprenticeship dude! That's awesome! 6 days a week in the shop I imagine can be rough, but your guitar's always going to be there fortunately. Along with the school. In the meantime I hope the apprenticeship is going well/you're doing well!
  3. Donovan Etue

    Coming Back And Wanting To Catch Up

    Hey man, I've grown to realize (particularly over the last 3 months in particular) just how important those breaks are. Life will occasionally shit hammer you with things to do/to get done and knowing what to focus on and what to leave for a better time is an invaluable skill. I'm happy to hear...
  4. Donovan Etue

    Can you put a EVH D-tuna on a syn guitar?

    Reading through the D-Tuna website (holy shit it looks like a blast from the past, I feel like it could use a little bit of a refresher but eh, don't fix what isn't broken). The D-Tuna can be used on any Floyd Rose or licensed Floyd Rose tremolo with the long locking screw, where the fine tuner...
  5. Donovan Etue

    Strings and Effects

    String wise I'm not fully sure if Zacky uses the same although I'm sure he does. Syn uses Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom 10-52 gauge strings. They're the reason I use them as well for E stand all the way to Drop C haha. Unfortunately I can't help you with your second question.
  6. Donovan Etue

    Ice Cream

    First one that came to my mind is Puddle of Mudd being Puddle of Mudslide. Rich chocolate ice cream with brownie chunks/batter throughout. Lorna Shore -> Lorna Smore's, chocolate ice cream with chunks of marshmallow and graham cracker throughout. Polyhpia -> Po-mint-ia, some mint flavored ice...
  7. Donovan Etue

    New guy- what was your first concert?

    Sure felt like it lmao. It got to the point I was able to recognize the crowd surfer by their shoe/boot choice. You know it's bad when *that* is how you recognize them haha.
  8. Donovan Etue

    New guy- what was your first concert?

    Absolutely felt like it haha, along with a sore rib and a sore head from the crowd surfers bumping me 13 times throughout the night haha
  9. Donovan Etue

    New guy- what was your first concert?

    First concert was Allen Stone - Spokane Knitting Factory, Feb 26 2012. First proper concert where I really knew the band/wanted tickets was Slayer's Final Campaign tour, Spokane Arena, Nov 24 2019. Still one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Never been so drenched in sweat in late...
  10. Donovan Etue

    We Love You

    Oooh that definitely makes sense then. Definitely thinking the fans or maybe drugs/dmt lol. I wouldn't mind a nod/throwback to the drugged out sound/feel from Bat Country and can definitely see them going that route too.
  11. Donovan Etue

    Let’s see those axes!!

    I was wondering about the Ibanez influence, that makes a lot of sense. I think I've seen the guitars you're referencing of Paul's. I think he just sold one of them here recently. Some cool specs on it! How heavy is it? I feel like the mahogany body would definitely make it a chunky boi lol...
  12. Donovan Etue

    Let’s see those axes!!

    Love the Ormsby and Kiesel love, I am curious about the plain explorer shaped one? What's the story/name of that one? Reminds me of the plain/minimalistic Ibanez Meshuggah signatures.
  13. Donovan Etue

    "Raiding" Synner Spotify profiles

    Oh shit! I hope to hear it man! James Bond song is quite the description for it lol. Sounds good! Will do!
  14. Donovan Etue

    "Raiding" Synner Spotify profiles

    Damn! I'm sorry to hear it got to that point for you guys, but I'm glad to hear you are still great friends though! The work you guys made together holds up damn well. The Lipstick E.P is one I still listen through a lot in particular. It's a great balance of enjoyable songwriting and the...
  15. Donovan Etue

    "Raiding" Synner Spotify profiles

    Dude I still listen to the Merchants a shit ton! Are you no longer apart of the band?
  16. Donovan Etue

    Let’s see those axes!!

    Welcome to the family/school! I've got one Syn model which I think will be my last unless I snag a hard tail version as I just don't use/enjoy working with the floyd rose's. My first guitar, an Ibanez RG6003FM that's been modified a bit electronics wise. My Schecter Synyster Gates Custom S I...
  17. Donovan Etue

    I (sorta) made a FREE Hellwin amp software

    I've been messing around with NAM for a few weeks now. In order to get in the facebook group you've got to answer the question of what amp would you like to be profiled essentially and I put in the Hellwin lmao. Of course you'd be the person to profile one haha. Well done Alex! Sad to hear we...
  18. Donovan Etue

    A7X New Music!!!

    Seeing this talked about made me hop back on the site for the first time in a minute. Glad to see everyone else here is as excited as I am. Anyone got any hopes/guesses on how this'll sound? How pissed do you think people will be if they use this as an announcement for when the first single...
  19. Donovan Etue

    Tim Henson acoustic guitar

    100%, I think it's part of why models like Jim Roots signature Fenders are super popular. They don't scream a specific artist. It's a nice contrast compared to models where you instantly recognize it as being tied to that artist. Like Syn, EVH, Petrucci, or Vai's signatures. All of them have...
  20. Donovan Etue

    Tim Henson acoustic guitar

    Been waiting for them to release this since the Playing God video got released. Such a cool more modern-esque shape/nice modern features. Especially at this price point. I'm not a particularly heavy acoustic player but that one really inspires me to pick it up to explore other genres/diversify...