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    Comment by 'Dismemberer' in media 'Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions (Guitar Cover)'

    This is one of the first metal songs I've learnt. Please tell me what you guys think. There are some mistakes because I get really nervous on camera but without it I can play it with 0 mistakes
  2. Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions  (Guitar Cover)

    Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions (Guitar Cover)

    this song is awesome and I was really nervous while recording as it's my first cover@avengedsevenfold
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    Can someone help with the libad TOANS?

    I love the new record and the solos are great. I will not go more into how this record is my favourite ever to keep this short. How do get the guitar tones? I really want to know how to replicate the tones in the mattel verses, the solo in cosmic and the solo and other tones in G. Thanks alot to...
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    Intermediate How do I use the caged system to find scales all over the fretboard

    Hi I'm on the caged system lessons and papa gates taught the d major scale and major pentatonic scale positions in those lessons so how do i use caged system to find other scales on the fretboard?
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    What kind of scales syn uses?

    If I want to write something in a scale or improvise, do I need to memorize all of its positions on the fretboard or is there any other method? How do the pros do it?
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    What chord would you be?

    Probably a sus2 chord or an add9 chord
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    Beginner What scales to play over chord progressions

    Thanks the harmonizing tip helps a lot
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    Beginner What scales to play over chord progressions

    So you can play only one scale over that?
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    Beginner What scales to play over chord progressions

    I now have a better understanding of scales and I know about chord families of notes. Let's take Key of C for example, It'll have the chords C , Dm, Em ,F , G, Am and b diminished. If these chords are being played in a random order then If I'm correct you'll have to play in key of C. How do you...
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    Beginner Scales

    I have learnt some scales here on synner. But I do not know how to use them. I know how to form the major scale but I see people playing scales on different positions and sometimes they play it in a 3 notes per string kinda way and sometimes others. So what's the use of scales and how do you...
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    Just For Fun – Six Magic Notes For Soloing – Lesson 10

    What's an effective way to find these notes on other places on the fretboard while jamming?
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    The hydra by Steve Vai

    I wonder how one will be able to hold it without getting stabbed by the guitar
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    Staying in time with metronome

    I don't know much about rhythm and timing on guitar. I recently learnt about subdivisions like quarter notes and etc. I was practicing the exercises in the 3rd episode from the Introduction to Alternate Picking lesson which had an exercise with triplets so I started counting as I played 1...
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    Question for people who completed all lessons on synner...

    Papa gates replied to me?! This is awesome Thanks PG❤️
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    Question for people who completed all lessons on synner...

    Hi, I'm currently on the beginner lessons in synner. I'm not a beginner because I've been playing for almost 2 years and on this site I've seen lessons about technique and there's Syn's etudes as well. For now, I wanna play guitar for fun and to be able to play the songs I like. So I'm feeling...
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    I've been learn theory on synner.com and I have some questions about scales because that's mostly the main topic of the lessons I'm taking right now (CAGED system pt 1). Now these questions are kinda stupid because I sometimes get distracted from the lesson and hate rewinding so now bear with me...
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    Favourite guitarists ?

    John petrucci, synyster gates, jason richardson, Stevie t, jared dines, dean lamb but they're not in order. And also i have yet to discover many more guitarists
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    There's a $ecret $anta Looming About! Check This, $ynners!

    It feels pretty good knowing you're learning to play guitar with many others and helping each other out. I've been able to make my technique better and understand music theory concepts here easily with all of the help n support. Y'all are awesome.❤️
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    Synner app

    Hey guys, Synner app is here. It was released yesterday. How many of you have downloaded it? What do you guys like about the app? I love the app.
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    Learning notes on fretboard

    I've been playing guitar for almost 2 years and learning from online lessons. I started learning from synner.com to develop some techniques and learn theory because I know nothing about theory lol. So I started from the very beginning again but the stuff gets kinda confusing when Papa Gates...