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    Dealing with anxiety and lack of motivation

    The thing about age and the guys is absolute true. I feel you, buddy, and it's surely not a time to give up. The legacy thing is up to my mind since the first riff that I personally wrote. I'm not that emotionally attached to play them only personally, but I feel that I can write music for the...
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    Dealing with anxiety and lack of motivation

    I want to believe that it's not condition, just something to deal with personal perspective or attitude. Work burnout is not an empty words for me, I came over it couple times, but this feeling with music is different. It's like you have the best meal under your nose, and you just don't eat it...
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    Dealing with anxiety and lack of motivation

    Hi to all synners, hope that you staying well. I have been playing guitar about 8 years, had released few songs as a solo artist last year, just not to write it in the desk, and to learn to master tracks, keep myself in line, etc etc. For the latest year I have been personally experiencing...
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    That's amazing, I want to be in! Am I right that we are talking about the same track, or we planning to vote on backing track?