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Schecter Guitar Forum

John Tosado

New Student
Nov 11, 2019
Hey you guys!
So excited that the school is finally open.
As many of you may know, Syn uses Schecter guitars. I, among others, help administrate and am part of a facebook page called Schecter Guitar Forum. Basically, we discuss Schecter products, talk about gear, share pictures & videos, and all around aim to have a good time. We sometimes even get to see some prototypes and inside looks at the factory.
I’d love to have you onboard!
We can be found through Schecter’s official facebook page
Best regards,
John Tosado

Rick t

New Student
May 16, 2022
I have a mk6 but it doesn't have the regular circles on the fret board. It has what looks like the watch countdown on the alien in the movie predator. Was wondering if anyone is familiar with this model and could tell me anything.
Synner Endless Summer Collection


New Student
Jun 4, 2022
Hi. This is my first post.
I’m trying to identify the model of Jack Sherman’s modded Schecter Tele from his Chili Pepper time.
My guess is that it is from late 70’s. I haven’t been able to find another headstock with similar decal thus far. Thanks.


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New Student
Sep 1, 2022
Do you admit that there are just people who live in your area who would join your classes? I have been a big fan of the area for many years and always love to explore and discover new things. Furthermore, I would love to learn about your guitar switchers. I currently use these cool guitar switches and am happy with them, but I think it's good to have some options and learn about other things available on the market. If you're accepting everyone into your Facebook group, I'd love to join and discuss various topics like this one.
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