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Singer here, any others?

Hey there guys!
It was really awesome to see a drummer Post in here, so I decided to go ahead and put it out there that I am a singer! I guess I'm kind of fishing to see if there are any other singers on here. I am a metal singer mainly, but I do other singing too. I have done opera, I have done all kinds of crazy singing but Rock and metal are my main squeeze. If you are a singer, who are some of your influences?
Some of mine are Rob halford, Sebastian bach, Axl rose, Bradley delp, chuck Billy, m. Shadows, Russell allen, Ronnie James Dio, Jeff Scott Soto, Winston McCall, shagrath, Tobias, tommy shaw, and I have also been listening to dino jolousek a little bit and he's pretty good too for a newer artist.
Let me know who some of yours are if you are a singer!. And yes, I am in a band so if you are let me know what your band is.


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  • Jun 5, 2020
    I am! It's mostly just a thing I do for fun and to learn how to properly use my voice and maintain it becasue the last thing you want to happen as a teacher is to lose your voice or damage it somehow (not so fun fact: 70% of female teachers experience vocal problems at some point in their career). So I am not in a band or anything, but I do have weekly vocal lessons.
    As for influences Ella Fitzgerald is definitely number one for me. Her range and enounciation just blow my mind. Other vocalists I really love are Etta James, Amy Winehouse, Ronnie James Dio and Nina Simone (might add more when I think of any others).
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  • Feb 22, 2021
    As a child, I always wanted to be a singer and singing was always a passion for me so for that I consider myself a wannabe singer! I don't have a band for now but if I had one I'd honestly need to skip the singer role due to my lack of ability in playing drums and singing at the same time 😂 but I might do some backing vocals in the future if needed. And that leads to my inspirations: The Rev because he was able to do this so well and it's hard af. A few other singers I like: James Hetfield, M. Shadows, Ivan Moody, Amy Lee, Serj Tankian, Chester Bennington, Freddie Mercury, and many others I'll probably remember later 🤪
    I'm sooo far from being a good and professional singer, but I'm planning on starting some singing lessons next year, to improve my vocal techniques and abilities. I also love karaokes and singing in the shower 😎✌️

    Ed Seith

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  • Nov 11, 2019
    Marana, AZ USA
    I’m the best singer in the world. Alone, in my car.
    Elsewhere, much less so. Solid backup vocalist, decent pitch, but never really developed it. At some point, ima write a whole song including bad lyrics, and sing it.
    When I do, I will share it and y’all may wish I hadn’t. Half kidding.
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  • Jan 11, 2021
    I love singing! 😻 I plan on taking some lessons to improve in a somewhere near future 🤞🏼 While I can reasonably sing, I definitely can't scream and I rather not try and end up fucking my voice 😹 so maybe when I have more technique cause for now I have 0 technical knowledge 😹
    I've always wanted to be the one who sings and plays guitar on a band so I'll definitely have to start working on it soon 🤔 That being said, I think I'll be a little repetitive mentioning again some people I mentioned as influences on guitar before, like James Hetfield and Daron Malakian for example, cause I can't really look up to them only as a guitarist or only as a singer, but as a whole. Might as well include Zacky Vengeance after that Hybrid Moments cover cause dude killed the vocals 🔥 Now for vocals only, Amy Lee is probably my greatest female influence, and I find impressive the evolution of her voice over the years 🤩 Other vocalists I like a lot are M. Shadows, Ivan Moody, Corey Taylor, Hayley Williams, Steven Tyler and Jon Bon Jovi 👏🏼
    IIt's so interesting to hear so many people having female influence or very similar influences. I never really got too much into female singers for some reason. Their voice is never spoke to me I suppose. But I think if I had to say, Joyce de Donato is one of my favorite female singers but she's opera. I love her voice and it's very relatable to me as far as tonality goes. I also like leather Lyon a lot. V from Benedictine was pretty awesome too she had a good raw voice. These aren't really necessarily influences I would say but definitely voices of some females I like at least. Not a huge fan of Lizzy Hale at all honestly and I'm not a huge Amy Lee fan but I really do like her early stuff a lot! Field of innocence is one of my favorite songs of all time.
    I’m the best singer in the world. Alone, in my car.
    Elsewhere, much less so. Solid backup vocalist, decent pitch, but never really developed it. At some point, ima write a whole song including bad lyrics, and sing it.
    When I do, I will share it and y’all may wish I hadn’t. Half kidding.

    Please post a video of you singing Ed please for the love of God do it it would be a definite Merry Christmas lol!
    Car karaoke is IMPORTANT 🙌
    Hey girl, welcome!!
    I’m primarily a violinist but I LOVE to sing, and I’m looking forward to hearing you!
    My #1 fave female vocalist is likely Amy Lee, huge evanescence fan, and I love Lzzy Hale too.
    Super stoked you’re here, the more the merrier 🤗
    If you want, I can send you a Spotify link we have a song up there if you are interested to hear that at least :)
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