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I heard synyster gates got hurt we should all send love and prays his way, hope your okay and continue being awsome get soon god bless you and your family
I'm going to see Avenged live on August 7th on Canada, very excited about it, it will be the first time i watch them live :D
Just got my Synyster gates custom S today. She’s a beauty. I was mowing my yard when this thing came in and I ran inside, ripped it outta the box and just basked in its glory. Feels so good to play!
So I was hoping to get back into the site but life has gotten in the way. I finally got my tattoo apprenticeship which I’m beyond excited to have gotten but the down side is I’m in the shop 6 days a week so sadly don’t have time to play guitar much or post on here :( I basically don’t have a life at the moment haha I’ll be back soon :) much love everyone!