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Lesson description

In this lesson we expand on our progress with hybrid picking.

Syn's tips

You can see how it starts to get really interesting when you apply the exercises to chord changes or arpeggios.

It’s really important to experiment with this stuff on your own. You should be looking for unique ways to apply these techniques by composing music of your own and listening to a lot of different guitar players. Once you come across a player that you like, check out others that are in the same genre. You may not like everyone equally, but they ALL have something that you can use.

This is why I really try to have an open mind about all music and musicians. When I was young, I could tell you more about the guitarists that I “hated” than the ones I loved because that’s what we do as human beings. It’s nice that music can effect us so deeply, but try to eliminate as much negativity as you can. I promise you that it will open up your musical world to so many more possibilities!

It’s beneficial to EVERYONE when we share our knowledge so go hang out in the "Discussion Thread" below and share your insights, tips, and videos with the rest of us!
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