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Introduction to Economy Picking – Lesson 77

Lesson by: SynGates.com

Lesson description

In this lesson we introduce basic economy picking. The secret to shredding!

Syn's tips

I love this technique SO much!

The irony of this technique is that even though it is pretty difficult to play, it’s a lot easier for beginner players to adopt than more advanced players. The reason for this is that it takes over about 90% of your Alternative picking duties if you really buy into this technique like I have. So if you have been using primarily Alternate picking for many years like I had when I decided to pursue Economy or Eco picking, you have to completely rennovate your entire approach to playing which involves the most dreaded thing you can do in music, UN-learning!

Now, I am certainly NOT saying that Alternate picking is a bad habit, quite the contrary, it is still a MUCH NEEDED part of my playing!

What I AM saying is that the earlier you start the process of making Eco picking as comfortable a technique as any of the other ones, the much better off you will be. In my humble opinion, you just simply cannot achieve the great speed and fluid sound of Economy picking any other way!

Feel free to debate this in the "Discussion Thread" below. I’d love to hear Any and All opinions, demonstrations, and questions regarding my favorite technique, Economy Picking.
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