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Lesson description

In this lesson we introduce you to simple fingerpicking.

Syn's tips

I use a lot of Fingerpicking in my playing! I am constantly working on different patterns as well as different Voicings for chords.

What I mean by “Voicings” is that there are a multitude of ways to play the same chord as shown in The CAGED series we did previously. All those different CAGED shapes for let’s say, a “C” chord, are all just different Voicings of the same thing, a “C” chord.

You can also take one voicing of a chord and Voice it differently by moving one or two fingers around maybe getting an Add 9 sound or a Suspended 4th. These are also ways to voice a chord.

Unique Voicings and Fingerpicking patterns intrigue me as much as any solo I’ve ever heard. To me, it adds incredible depth to one’s songwriting and arrangement and it is a MUST HAVE if you want your playing to have dimension.

Later on we will explore more patterns as well as unique chord voicings but for now, REALLY experiment with creating your own patterns and voicings so that you are developing a foundation for this stuff with your signature written all over it from the very beginning!

Now what I want you to do is compose a song using finger picking and unique voicings. Not all of the voicings have to be original as so much has already been done before, but really try and be creative! Then post a video of your performance so we can check it out! Who knows, maybe we could even write a song together someday;)

I’ve said it before but I should repeat it for those just jumping in- If you write mean spirited unsupportive comments, you will be removed from our community. I have a no tolerance policy for mean people. This does not mean that you can’t critique someone’s playing, it just means that your criticisms need to be constructive and kind hearted. We all want to get better and the only way to do so is to have everyone help and guide each other along the way. It’s not easy for everyone to pour their heart and soul out for all to see especially when there’s the possibility that someone will say hurtful things to them. Sharing needs to be encouraged and rewarded because we will all benefit greatly from it!
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