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Lesson description

Minor 7 Arpeggio

Syn's tips

This is a great Arpeggio to use as a Substitution over a Dominant chord as well.

Once you have experimented with all of your Techniques, Embellishments, Enclosure, etc., try playing this over a Dominant chord, a perfect 4th away.

For example, if you have any type of Dominant chord(usually Unaltered but not always) let's say an F7, you can play a C min7 Arpeggio over it to give it a more unique flavor or color. This is because the C min7 arp contains the notes of an F 11/9 Dominant chord minus the root and 3rd which is OK because basic triads are often implied in most contexts and what we are trying to accomplish is a unique coloring of the chord we are playing over.

Practice this over the backing track located in the "content" menu of the lesson player and then share with us some of your jams by uploading videos of them to the "Discussion Thread" below. Have fun!
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