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Lesson description

In this lesson we go over the second scale position of the Major scale – 3 notes per string.

Syn's tips

Now would be a good time to shift positions at different times like we did with the pentatonic shapes in series of lessons for The CAGED System.

For example, shift positions on every other string. Play the notes on the sixth and fifth string then slide or shift into the second position on the fifth string. Then shift to the third position on the third string and so on.

Upload a video of yourself in the "Discussion thread" section below demonstrating and explaining a few different types of position shifts. The more we share this info with each other, the more ideas we will have to use as jumping points to spark our own creative applications of these concepts!

I really look forward to checking out what you guys come up with and Papa Gates and I are keeping an eye out for bad asses to recruit for some really cool things to come!
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