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Buried alive fingerpick attempt intro

Hey all new member here. I stumbled across this school whole searching for finger picking and sweep picking techniques. Been playing self taught for a few years (took about a year of lessons in grade school but then didn’t play seriously). Love A7x and just got my custom S last week. Started finger picking last week also and this is my progress with the buried alive intro. At first I couldn’t figure it out at all but I’m getting there. If anyone has good fingerpicking practice things/songs they could suggest I’d take all advice. Next I’m gonna try to learn is broken by seether.
That was good man! The important notes were there. I love this song so much. That's why I am gonna be a little critical now. I think you should listen to the song and try to play along. You speed up some sections and played some a little different rhythm wise. Also work on the bass notes in there. They are really important to give the whole thing substance.

But again, you are on a good way and your fingerpicking looks solid. I just see the same flaws I had in my playing when learning this and it sucks having to fix this afterwards. Hope to see another progress video from you on this!
Nice! Some small things there's a bass note over the whole piece, you play them in the beginning but like halfway they disappear. Try to add those in, it sounds way fuller when you do so. Also, try to work on your changes a little bit. You do all the individual parts fairly well but when you change to another the change is a bit hesitant. It also seems like you predominantly use the pointing finger to finger pick, try to use the others too it makes it easier.

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