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jessi baet

Buried Alive Intro

@Avenged Sevenfold @Acoustic Music Collection @A7XEntertainment @BrianEHaner.com
I would like to learn that, those slide parts I think would help my playing more
For that you need to build dexterity & independent finger dominance because it's easy to do multiple techniques when Index finger gets involved but in this video as you can see clearly, I try to use pinky & ring finger because I'm obligated to shift to the next chord to keep the bass notes ringing, that makes it easy to grip. Play some scales across the fretboard from one octave to another by sliding the 2nd note to 3rd note of any scale only using your ring finger for sliding purpose from 2nd note to 3rd on each string. That's a great exercise. You could only be as great of a fast player as equally you would be good at playing slower first.
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