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Devilreaper also known as the self proclaimed lord of Darkness the Dark lord of the Sith Darth Sofurious. lol
I'm that guy who roots for the villains and I generally like everything dark , wicked and evil. Love horror Sci Fi Action movies TV Shows art games.

Discord mod for Regiment GG a Veterans Gaming group.

Former US army Infantry 101st Abn
I am a medically retired disabled veteran on a fixed income who loves playing music , games and chatting with people.

A musician all my life, I have been playing guitar since the age of 7 writing songs since about age 16 or at least trying to lol. I learned or have dabbled with many styles of music over the years. I also play a little bass and do a little bit of vocals.

I sustained head injuries in the miltary which forced me to relearn how to do most things including years of guitar knowledge so I basically have to constantly relearn music theory and such about every few days while still trying to learn new things.

Guitar and music gives me a sense of self it gives me not only psychical therapy for some of my conditions but mental therapy as well. Anything else just ask

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