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Any other northwest ladies here? Wanna play some music?


One Stringer
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Lynnwood WA
    I'm still learning how these forums are formatted / broken down, so if this should go somewhere else or is not allowed, please let me know.

    I, female guitarist, am joining forces with a female drummer and male multi-instrumentalist in the Seattle area. Our female vocalist is currently located in CA. We are looking for one or more other guitarists to move forward with our heavy and melodic project. I will state up front two things: we are hoping that this guitarist lives local to the northwest, for ease of collaborating. And we are preferring to spotlight a female guitarist, due to the fact that our band is already majority female.

    That said, we are open to working with anyone that gives us the right vibe, so I am reaching out here. I'm not super active in posting, but I read the threads often and appreciate all of the open-mindedness and like-mindedness of this community.

    The previous incarnation of our band has some recordings so you can get the idea of our direction. However, we will be restructuring the songs.

    Influences: A7X, Parkway Drive, Deftones, In This Moment, In Flames and many more

    We are vaccinated, and assume you are too.