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Are the lessons going to be fixed anytime soon?


Stairway to Heaven Tab Studier
Aug 12, 2022
I asked this question and it was answered. They don't have an ETA because it's an issue with the video hosting site. It's literally not Synner's fault. But here's the thing, the backing tracks still work. So what I've been doing, is reading the tablature and Syn's tips and at least still practicing what I know.

You can move over to Justin's, but it's a vastly different type of school. I learned a lot there and I grew a lot, but there's a lot of the shredder stuff here that Justin just doesn't have. Justin's videos are hosted by Youtube, these ones aren't. Not to get personal, but I don't support Justin anymore. Not after he flew off the handle at me privately regardless of all the support I showed for him. He started following me on IG and saw some of my story posts and went absolutely batshit crazy on me because of my personal opinion. Like, my nerves were shaking and I was completely appalled he said what he said and acted the way he acted. I blocked him, cancelled my subscription and have kept quiet about it until now.
I don't support that guy anymore, but you do you, boo.
Syn doesn't act like that. He doesn't trash talk on anyone's personal choices or beliefs. He understands everyone has their own right to feel or do what they wanna do. That's one reason I came back.

Also, keep in mind, because Justin charges for his site, he has an ENORMOUS tech team working 24/7. Here we run off of a few voted in/selected volunteers and an incredibly miniscule tech team who has numerous other endeavors they work for.
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