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Community Update

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Recently, we have been forced to take permanent action against a long-time member of the community.

It began with harsh and repeated acts of sexual harassment on this site and many others that ultimately led to another member of the community feeling unsafe and leaving the site.

There were tangible consequences for this individual, but unfortunately, those consequences only led to bitterness and a sustained retaliation against Community Leaders, public outbursts, and attacks on this site and the official Discord, as well as angry attempts to engage Syn and Papa Gates directly.

As a result, we have been forced to terminate their membership from Synner.

For months now, this individual, through private messages and posts elsewhere, has attempted to paint the leadership in draconian ways. We feel it is important to point out that in 4 years, the number of times SGS/Synner leadership has had to take moderating actions is negligible (the times can literally be counted on one hand).

Syn and Papa Gates have created a wonderful, open, and safe community for people of all origins and individualities to learn, grow, and contribute as they like, and it is our GREATEST responsibility to ensure that continues.

We regret that it came to this, but they left us with no other choice. We will NOT identify this person, in public or private, so please do not ask.

In the recent “Town Hall Meeting” we stated that we would be as transparent as we possibly could, and so we knew the community should be made aware of our most recent action, as it is an unprecedented one. We also want to ensure ALL members of this community that we are here for YOU and to keep this community a safe space for all.

-The Synner Moderation Team
Not open for further replies.