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Don't call it a come back...


Sold-out Crowd Surfer
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Haven't played guitar in roughly 12 months. I spent 16ish months grinding out a lot of stuff after coming off a 2ish year break from '18 - '20. Got to a point where I felt playing guitar had no purpose for me so I hung it up to pursue software development. It's an annoying thing I do - I'll drop everything to really dive into something else. I kid you not I've hated every minute of the past year. I'm always shredding ideas in my head, hearing insane improv over songs I listen to, yet I go to pick up a guitar and always felt nothing. On the other hand, I think about designing a website for close friends, my portfolio, course projects, and I get super excited. I've made some dope stuff since around August '22 and I had an epiphany. I have 4 Snapchat streaks all between 1200 and 1800 days (5ish years) and have been learning Spanish on Duolingo for 41 days. I realized I work incredibly well with maintaining streaks.
    So as of today, I've started designing a Streak Manager that'll have an incredible UI/UX where I can input some tasks I want to track and create a streak system for those things, like playing guitar daily for any amount of time. I plan to bring this to you guys somehow. I've struggled with keeping the discipline to play guitar regardless the outrageous reasons. I've always loved playing it, I love listening to melodic shit on guitar, and hearing Nobody really is coming at my demons about it.
    Brian redrum'd this song with his melodic input. It's been on repeat all day today just so I could trek through the mix to hear his guitar riff and solo and memorize them, think of what he's doing, so I can get back to work and bring you all a breakdown of it. It makes me wanna play again so very extremely badly. I miss it here and I'm sorry for going away and withholding my expertise on all things theory. I haven't forgotten anything, I just need to retrain the muscles.
    The new record is right around the corner and I wanna be here for everyone to demonstrate all the guitar parts to the best of my ability. We all have inner demons we must fight, you're witnessing me fight mine, and I want you all to fight back and have a day!

    - juice
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