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GROOVE FAMILY CYCO by Infectious Grooves


Music Theory Bragger
  • Jan 11, 2021
    How were you able to finish the drums for the tracks in only 2 days?! AND BY THE AGE OF 16?! Seriously, you are a genius, dude!

    Thank you so much for showing up here and share this with us. 🤩

    But I still wanna know your vision of the story Syn told us about singing Violent & Funky out loud to get your attention outside that club... lol
    Woah Brooks, thanks for sharing this with us! So cool to hear your side and your memories about the album :love:👏

    I was already impressed that you were so young when you recorded this album, now knowing that you did all of this in just 2 days, really impressive! You really are a drumming beast! 🔥🥁💪

    I hope you stick into the school, and I'm with @redlipsofdeceit, I wanna know sooooo bad your version of how you and Syn met. Please consider telling us something! 🥺🤞
    Yeah! I'm with them, I would love to hear your version of this amazing story 👀

    ★ Petition for @mariposa wackerman to tell this story in his point of view ★

    1 - @redlipsofdeceit
    2 - @Aquamandy
    3 - @Batbia
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    Matt Wildcat

    The Fierce Deity
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Well....... to know this Album introduced my drumming to the band that i now play in brings back wonderful memories, and i'm humbled by all the love here.
    The first one being that INFECTIOUS GROOVES was the first band where i felt creative freedom. A band that i was already a fan of where i rehearsed these songs obsessively before my parents drove me to my audition at MATES rehearsal studios. When i tracked this record i felt a newfound confidence with musicians that were encouraging me to be musically fearless. Everything that SYN mentioned is accurate with how it all unraveled. Robert heard me play during a break and was kind enough to ask me down for the audition. To this day we still play together and i value what i've learned(and still learn) from my Mexican friend. I owe a lot to that band and here are my memories from that period.

    *recorded at the prestigious SOUND CITY, where i continued recording with BAD RELIGION and met DAVE GROHL for the first time-nice guy
    *i was addicted to snapple's kiwi strawberry drinks-i'd bring a 6 pack each day
    *the recording process was very quick and i i think i finished my tracks in 2 days
    *the famous northridge CA earthquake happen the day after i finished my last song. Had i not finished, the session would of been postponed due to all the damaged that ensued
    *We only did 1 tour in the states and Europe, due to the SUICIDAL TENDENCIES schedule.

    This is the most words i've written in years.. THX everyone

    brooks wackerman
    Damn, that's an incredible story from the man himself!! I've been seriously enjoying this album for the last few days so it's awesome to hear your take on it!
    I think I'm in agreement with everyone else that it's mindblowing how you were so young yet so insanely skilled and recorded all these tracks in two days, too (And going by the earthquake bit, it's a great thing you did!) Would also love to hear your take on how you and Syn met too!

    Thanks for stopping by, it's awesome to see ya! 🤘 💀 🤘
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