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New Student
Jun 7, 2023
a little over a couple months ago, I was assigned to learn Bat Country for my band’s School of Rock (from tustin area :DD). i had heard of A7X but being a little immmature in my musical style and inspiration, i never listened to them at all. for four years i thought A7X was one of those overrated bands that was actually fine. i think I internally fainted after i heard the solo for the first time, and i instantly fell in love with the band. i grinded two hours of practice every day, just to get the solo perfect (the first week the band couldn’t get past the breakdown section), and then the final performance came. i wasn’t sure I was gonna have as much fun as I was going to have, as I had practiced the night before until 1 in the morning, until my hands were red. but alas, all things came to a close, now @Syn Gates is one of the reasons I play guitar in the first place, happy fuckin birthday :DDD
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