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Introducing My First Stream! - Solo Over Sidewinder - Video Premiere

Chris Johnston

Music Theory Bragger
  • Nov 11, 2019
    North Ayrshire, Scotland
    Hey guys!

    So I'm beyond ecstatic announce that I'll be Premiering my New Video Series entitled 'Solo Over Sidewinder' ***1 WEEK TODAY*** LIVE ON STREAM! (6pm EST) šŸ˜

    I'll be showing all 3 videos back to back with some discussion time in between & at the end. (I won't be personally speaking live as I'm very camera shy - but I'll be there in the comments answering any questions you may have)

    Here's some info on the stream:

    The idea with this series is to hopefully help those struggling with Fretboard/Interval Visualisation/Improvisation, begin to be able to improvise in D minor and in particular - the Acoustic Solo section of Avenged Sevenfold's song 'Sidewinder'.

    This series is designed to be suitable for all players - Beginner all the way to Advanced - as you do not need any Music Theory background to start to tackle anything in the videos. (A disclaimer for the intermediate/advanced guys - the first few videos may seem quite basic/slow moving in terms of the actual soloing - but trust the process, there's useful info from the start!)

    The 3 videos will aim to teach you:

    - 3 Easy to play Triad Shapes
    - 3 Easy to play finger patterns
    - 3 'Jazz Upgrades' to decorate your ideas

    You'll also learn about Chord Tones & Inversions, so that you have more of an 'under the hood' understanding of how all of these above ideas work.

    The Triad based method that I teach in this series is something that can be used in any Minor, Major, Modal, Scaler etc context, once you understand how it works. So it should hopefully give some food for thought for other musical situations!

    This method is something that has personally transformed my playing the the way I view & teach the Guitar Fretboard and It's even been helping some of my student's confidently improvise in any key (even the one's who didn't have an interest before!)

    So that's my sales pitch - I'll hopefully catch some of you next Thursday! šŸ˜

    Also a massive thanks to @Radu-Cristian Perde for proposing this idea to me & to @alexj for helping keep me right with planning šŸ˜Š Thanks for always looking out for us on here!

    Chris J

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