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New Guy here.


Garage band Groupie
Aug 7, 2023
Hey All. New to the site, been around guitar for a great many years, but consider myself top be a Begintermediate. I have learned tings through the years and have some knowledge, but have not always applied those things to physical playing/technique. There was a time about 35 years ago that I practiced a loy (nearly 8 hours a day) because I wanted to be a pro musician (Steve Lukather was my role model). I was set to audition to study at the Wiscionsin Conservartory of Music Diploma program and 2 weeks before my audition I ran my fretboard hand into a Band Saw blade at work. After that I gave up the idea of playing, I placed my guitar in its case and it was stored for nearly 10 years. I became an Electronics tech. I have buiolt and repaired tube amps, built effects and even tried my hand at building a guitar from scratch, had a nasty skin reaction to the dust from teh Bolivian Rosewood that I was making the neck from and ended up going with maple. Anyway these days I am a Husband and a dad to a kid that lives his life with extreme autism and I don't necessarily have a lot of time for practice, but I know that having a guitar (or 5) in my life makes things better. I currently practice through an all digital rig with a Line 6 Helix Floor and Seymour Duncan Powerstage 700 at its heart. Being as that I was a kid in the 70's and today I listen to bands like AX7 my musical taste varies and covers Classical, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Country, R&B, Varius forms of International Cultural music. Looking foward to taking some information from the site to walk away with and give me something to work on. I guess that is enough about me.
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Ryan girvin

Stairway to Heaven Tab Studier
Nov 11, 2019
That really sucks about what happened to your fretting hand but you're all healed up now and ready to shred!! Welcome back my friend. I'm currently going through the process of learning guitar and it AIN'T easy. I started trying to learn in 2019 but stuff just got in the way all the time. Life hey. I'm sticking with it now though and I'm always glad to read posts like this about folks giving it another shot at playing. I wish you the best of luck man.