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Paradigm riff help

Dan Shipway

Slim Shady
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Hey guys, over the past few weeks I decided to take on the paradigm riff and so far its going okay but there is one main issue and that is how I am fretting the notes. Due to starting positioning having both the 5th fret on the C# string and the G# string I barred them however I think my technique is way off as i end up barring the two strings as if I am barring them all (using the whoe finger instard of the fleshy side of the finger tip).

    This is causing all my other fingers which dont need to bar to lay flat across the frets as i am doing the descending chromatic which is reducing the accuracy pf my fretting in those fast moments.

    Does anyone have advice for finger independence to help eliminate unnecessary barring?

    Another smaller issue I had is loosing the sextuplet rhythm as the speed increases as i begin to focus more on making sure my picking is accurate and up to speed, is this more of a metronome issue or are there other ways of keeping track of it like emphasising the start of each grouping?

    Vid on the fingering issue will go online tomorrow :)

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    William B.

    Hot Topic Tourer
  • Nov 11, 2019
    I think that note in the riff is eco picked and starts with an upstroke so it goes double down to that note.
    I may practice this again later to check. I remember something like that and it made it fluid/easier to follow for me