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🚨 PG's Stream is less than a week away!!! 🚨

PG's stream is coming in hot!

Do you have your Legend upgrade yet???
Don't worry you still got some time but do it before Tuesday May 17th 9h30 (PST)/ 12h30 (EDT)/ 18h30 (CET) but do remember we also have the Season of blues contest currently going where we have upgrades as prize so channel your inner bluesman and come join the fun!

Contest link: https://synner.com/threads/season-of-blues-contest.6255/#post-63654

During the livestream, Papa Gates will be streaming a sneak peek of his album, what he's been working on, sharing the blues and other things we keep under wraps 👀

Here's the link to the stream: https://live.audent.io/syntv/channels/pg-with-pg/streams/180633a3-b642-4eed-bf6f-17cc1a437c32

We'll see y'all next week!

- Rad Synner
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Ed Seith

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  • Nov 11, 2019
    Marana, AZ USA
    ngl cause I know im an admin here and a bit biased, but this stream is absolutely unreal...

    Agreed. I went back and watched the parts I missed, including the new song, and it was just chock so full of goodness. Papa's such a tasty, creative musician, it's easy to see why Syn thinks he's better. Their styles are wildly different, but both dudes are top shelf, and PG breaking it down and explaining his process is fucking GOLD!
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    Synner Endless Summer Collection