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💎 Synner on display winners! 💎

Good day everyone, hope you are all doing magnificently well!

Alright, y'all know why we are here and it's to announce the winners of the Synner on display contest. And yes, you read that right. We have multiple winners. I know we initially said only one BUT there were too many absolutely great entries and so we made some modifications.... Now, I want you all to know that we LOVED seeing all your entries and seeing your pretty faces. Choosing was very difficult as we all had different opinions... but enough talk, let's announce the WINNERS!!!


In 3rd position... @Aquamandy !!!!

Aquamandy contest.jpg

We loved her entry because of how fearless she appears in this photo! She took the concept of the contest and really made it her own combining her love for Synner and Comic book characters. Krypton may have given earth Superman but Brazil gave all of us here.... SYNNER WOMAN!

3 Months of Legend+
will be added to your account.


In 2nd position... @Melanie inman !!!!

Screenshot 2022-01-19 at 11-52-52 Melanie Inman on Instagram “For the Synners on display conte...png

Well, let's just that this was simply a dazzling entry!!! Melanie clearly has a very distinct style to herself and showed us how sparkling the Synner lifestyle can be by combining both! We were really blown away by the jacket and the guitar and we wondered... who would shine most under the spotlight between Syn and her? :unsure:

Melanie will receive 3 months of Legend+ upgrade plus a custom made leather bracelet designed and crafted by our very own @Dominik Gräber

dom bracelet.jpg

Dom generously offered this as a prize and so we only feel like it's right to invite you all to check out Graeber leather on Instagram to see his wicked work: https://www.instagram.com/graeber_leather/


Alright ladies and gentlemen, it is now time to announce the grand winner...

In 1st position............................. @Anna.VG !!!!!!

AnnaVG contest.jpeg

This entry simply blew us all away. When we looked at it, we really felt like it captured the essence of Synner and the clothing line so perfectly. Anna used her immense talent in makeup to be creative and transform herself into a ghostly shaped entity and we LOVED her use of head accessories and the Synner bomber jacket. Is she praying for forgiveness? Probably not. I'm guessing she's praying to get her hands on some dope Synner merch from the new drop and that's exactly what she's gonna get!!!

Anna will receive 1 item from the new drop of her choice, 3 months of Legend+ upgrade as well as a Contest winner Banner added to her profile.


Congratulations to our 3 winners, I'll be reaching out to you. And again, I want to extend my thanks to all of you who participated. We loved seeing all your entries and choosing a winner was quite difficult!! We are honored to have you all be a part of the Synner family and we will see y'all around on Synner and on SynTv!!
Don't forget, Synners are winners!

Of course, if you are in need of some dope merch, don't forget to check out the new drop right on this link 👉 https://store.synner.com/collections/new-drop-1

Have a great day Synners...

- Rad Synner :rock-hand:


Music Theory Bragger
  • Jan 11, 2021
    Those were really amazing entries 🤩 congrats to you all girls 🥳 SUPER (no pun intended lmaoo) happy to see some of my friends made it to the top 💞 Plus the girls really dominated the podium! 💪🏼💖

    Also, props to Dominik cause this Synner Bracelet is so beautiful! I loved the color 👏🏼💚

    Now time to see Aquamandy turn into Supermandy 👀🦸🏻‍♀️


    Campfire Attention Holder
  • Feb 22, 2021
    YAY I'm so happy thank you so much 😍
    Super stoked to be sharing the podium with these amazing ladies right here, congrats @Anna.VG and @Melanie inman your work is fucking incredible! 🥳🥰
    Krypton may have given earth Superman but Brazil gave all of us here.... SYNNER WOMAN!
    Oh, and I amazed by this 😂❤️

    Jamie London

    Staff member
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Congrats to our winners and congrats to everyone who entered! Everyone, literally everyone killed it. You lot made our job of picking winners very difficult 🤣
    Amazing work everyone 🤌

    And a big hand to @Dominik Gräber for making and donating that incredible custom bracelet! Unbelievable works!

    Remember fam, #Synnersarewinners always ✨
    Synner Endless Summer Collection
    Synner Endless Summer Collection

    Ed Seith

    Supreme Galactic Overlord
    Staff member
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Marana, AZ USA
    So many truly amazing, wonderful, and creative entries, and so many of you were just SO generous with your time for Synner and the contest. We are humbled by all the love and creativity for Syn and Synner!

    And super-thanks again to Dominik for reaching out and donating his amazing artwork. As someone who owns one of his first "works for hire," I can tell you that this is no small prize - there is a tremendous amount of time, love, money (materials and tools) and creativity that Dom puts into everything he does.

    Congratulations, everyone!

    Matt Wildcat

    The Fierce Deity
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Huuuuge congratulations to our phenomenal winners! And also a big shout out to everyone who entered! You all went above and beyond to be creative with your entries, and it was truly incredible to see! thank you all!!

    Also, thank you so much to Dom for the amazing donation of the bracelet!! It's truly a work of art in every sense! Cheers!
    🤘 💀 🤘 🎊