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Original Songs/Riffs

Show us your goods! Band, solo, duo, anything!

working on a song

The Ratual Waste Fume

Waste Fume Check out the full album on SoundCloud dot com slash sikeo69
Hi guys, I just released my very first song on all streaming platforms. Everything was produced by myself 100%. Hope you'll like it!
What a fun couple of songs to play around with! Truly got a kick out of putting this arrangement together.
Here is my entry folks!. Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ekremtahamusic/
Hello guys! it's my first time sharing something here and i want start posting the last single of my band, Falling Giant. Here you can find some A7X, ice nine kills and Alter Bridge influences. i am very proud of this song and i really hope you'll like it. soon I will publish the transcription of ordinary's solo. I think it's a masterpiece and so anyone who wants can learn it with the score.
Gear used: Jim Root Signature Jazzmaster/EMG HetSet/ Neural DSP Petrucci Archetype plug-in.


This is an original new song created by myself. Please enjoy😅
Desires of the blind

Desires of the blind

Got a mixtape still in the recording process
Having fun open mic jamming session.

29 September 2023

Having fun and loving an impromptu solo at an Open mic session. Impromptu solo from both Dan & myself. 🫶🏼🤘🇸🇬🐰

Noodling at 3am

impromtu @ 3am 🤣🤘🇸🇬🤘🐰