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Golden Goddess Guitar Leaderboard

Student Shred Collaboration

Ailee and all others, do yo thang!
My band and another practice cover
My band smashing chhinnamasta
Critical Acclaim Solo
Critical Acclaim by Avenged Sevenfold Been addicted to this album again lately so gave this a go!

SGS Outro Rhythm...

Thanks a lot @[477:@Ids Schiere] for being so helpfull this last few days man! And @[42619:@Aileé Guerra Aréizaga] thanks to let me record this just now due to me being ill! Hope it does the job couldnt get any better take to be honest, all of them have mess ups in some part or another :/
2020 08 24 SGS Build Up 2 Rhythm 5
2020 08 24 SGS Build Up 2 Rhythm 4
2/2 I hope one of these work ! *fingers crossed* lol
Okey dokey ! I’m uploading two videos slightly different tone. Let me know what you guys think. Video 1/2

SGS Collab - Lead 3

My solo for the SGS collab. Unfortunately, I'm in the middle of moving apartments and I don't have much room to make the recordings until I finally move at the beginning of September. Love to hear your thoughts
Here’s my final take for the collab. Been a rough week, and honestly i was so exhausted i couldnt believe i got a good take😂 For the sake of being behind (and ease of recording) i just used my phone to record. Hope this is okay. @[42619:@Aileé Guerra Aréizaga]

Syn Solo Final

Here is the final iteration of my solo, the only change is I held my final note as long as I possibly could so that it can be cut wherever it needs to be. WIll be sending isolated guitar as well as video to Aileé here in a bit. I'm glad this is finally over, but extremely excited to see the final result of everyone's hard work!

collab take 2

I tried to remove the shakes as much as possible Aileé. See if this is better

Collab Final Take

The video and audio together. I tried to find most clutter free wall for background in my house and this is the best spot to record I could find. Aileé let me know if this is good or I need to record again.

collab final take

My final take. I included both video and audio. I know that the background should not have objects in the background that distract you but I can't remove those pictures from my wall cause behind them it's not that clean because of dust and everything and I don't really have anything to cover up the wall behind me so that's the best I could do and I can't really go anywhere else because then I can't record my guitar. I think the lightning is ok but Ailee you're the boss, if it sucks I'll try to fix it.
Got a take WITH video lol. Is it clean enough? What do you think? :)
As per Captain @[42619:@Aileé Guerra Aréizaga] I just upload the video and audio togehter (with the backing track) so that ya'll can tell me if its ok. Then I will send the video and audio (only my guitar) to Aileé! Hope this is good!
It should be better in terms of timing as well as that good ol' bluesy feel
I did some other version of the similar solo. My video for the third one corrupted so I used a video for one of my outtakes for that one(audio and video don't Nescecarily match but i didn't want to re-record it because time)
Had to change my solo to fit the overall picture better. This is what I came up with. Tell me if you like it better! I know it's not perfect timing wise but I had no time to practice this version yet and won't be able to play for the next days. @[398:@Filip Tomiša]

Syn Collab v3

I took some advice from Ailee, Filip, and Ids to create the third iteration of my solo. After the pinch harmonic in the first section I decided to change from a whole step of the first note to a half step in my pentatonic ascent up the fretboard so that the notes would feel a little more cohesive while retaining that "creepy" kind of vibe to the lick. My second change was adding a little palm muted triplet at :07 to fill it out a bit. Next I decided to change to legato for the first part of the fast section at :20 for 2 reasons. The first is that I felt the solo had a little too much pick attack to it, so this was a good way to even it out. The second is that my timing was off from the track in my last take, and moving to legato allowed me to better time the section as well as prepare for the taps. Finally, I cut off the excess at the end of my last clip (so that I was playing the right chorus) :I. Comments and critiques are extremely appreciated! Thanks again to Ailee and Filip!
Revision of my initial solo for the Syn Gates student collab. Just made a move across my state and between that and the job I haven't really been able to do anything I enjoy, so BIG thanks to Filip for the deadline extension! As always let me know what you think! Ps: (IK I muted my first tap in the beginning of the section, will have that cleaned up for the final recording).
2020 07 17 SGS Build Up 2 Rhythm 2

Blues SGS collab

This is my composition for the Synyster Gates school collaboration verse 2. Hope you Enjoy!