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Media added by Roberto Billardello

Clapton's Layla Riff with overdrive, fuzz, and distortion. Choose your favourite!
I started making this video as a joke, as it happened to me that a singer asked me to "use more distortion" while we were recording a soul track. So there it is: I made Layla's riff using different dirty tones. I used my PRS ce24 as always, and the boss gt1000 core for most tones, altough the fuzz tone is made with "formula b fuzzrangers" pedal, and the overdrive is made with "cornerstone gladio sc". Enjoy!
Roberto Billardello on Instagram:  Wheels - Foo fighters - Gear: @prsguitars ce 24 semi-hollow @bossinfoglobal  gt1000 core
107 Likes, 4 Comments - Roberto Billardello (@robertoelcappero) on Instagram: "Nothing mattered anymore, I looked into the sky 🌅 - Wheels - Foo fighters - Gear: @prsguitars ..."
Roberto Billardello on Instagram - What's my age again
Roberto Billardello (@robertoelcappero) on Instagram: Nobody likes you when you're twenty-three 🚦
Yes, I am back in black 🤟🏻⚡ Old school rock with miss @kriss_drummer 🎸🥁
Roberto Billardello (@robertoelcappero) on Instagram: "Yes, I am back in black 🤟🏻⚡ Old school rock with miss @kriss_drummer 🎸🥁 - Gear: @prsguitars ce24 semi hollow @bossinfoglobal gt1000 core
Cover of the solo from the Mayer's song.