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A7X Tribute song and a possible group collab

Joey C

New Student
Nov 11, 2019
Hey everyone!
I don’t know if you guys have seen this yet, but I thought it would be pretty suitable to post here. It’s a tribute song to a7x, that this french band made and the lyrics have just about every song title by a7x in it along with other references. I think it’s a pretty dope song, and leaves a pretty good idea at hand. So, that had me thinking, I know @jak Angelescu was talking about a mash up kind of thing earlier in another topic… This could be another thing, maybe we could all collect different riffs, solos, etc etc and make a mashup song. I know Jared Dines (Youtuber) did a huge collab/mashup with a lot of youtubers in the metal scene and created “The biggest shred collab song in the world” This could possibly be a thing we could do to showcase all the different techniques and tricks learned throughout the school. Maximum participation would be dope. But hey, just an idea since I saw that other post earlier. It kinda had me thinking of this. But anyway, I will link the tribute song and also the video by Jared Dines. Please, let me know if you guys got anything.
Shred on !


Jak Angelescu

The biggest problem with doing the collaborations was that it requires a certain special audio and visual set up to get them proper. It requires specific equipment to get them to sound that good for certain reason. And unfortunately, roughly maybe 15% of the students on this school have the ability to do that. That’s why the collaborations never worked before. 😟
You have no idea how much I would love to be this, but unfortunately it just requires a set up that a majority of students just don’t have