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Pedalboard Love

Noah Berends

Campfire Attention Holder
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Fort Wayne, IN
    I’ve seen a lot of posts about guitars and showing off guitars, but not a lot about the next most important piece of tone in everyones’ collection: your pedalboard! Show off your pedalboard here, and tell us all about it and why you love it! I’ll start us off with my humble little board:
    My Pedalboard (Imgur)
    My chain goes: TC PolyTune Noir –> Digitech Drop –> Morley Little Alligator Volume –> Dunlop CryBaby –> FullTone Full-Drive 2 –> FullTone OCD –> ProCo RAT –> ModTone Analog Chorus –> TC Transition
    I picked up a lot of these pedals used, especially in the earlier days in high school when money was more scarce, but I love all the pedals I have on here. The Drop is one of the better purchases I’ve ever made, especially with a Floyd-equipped guitar. I love being able to go from drop D to drop A just by turning a knob, and it sounds great. The Morley Little Alligator is alright, but honestly is probably going to be the first pedal I replace. It’s not a linear volume, it’s got a curve so it’s precise near the ends and then in the middle it’s really sensitive. I’d rather have a linear volume instead, personal preference. Of course I can’t have a pedalboard without a wah. I used to run the Full-Drive 2 into the OCD to produce distortion (Such as on my earliest riff video) and it sounded alright, but it had a ton of frequency overlap and basically, it had this one niche pocket of settings where it would sound neat but if I altered anything it would start to sound like a really intense fuzz pedal. So recently I went and picked up the ProCo RAT, and I absolutely love this pedal. It covers so much range, and I currently have the FullDrive 2 set up like a Tube Screamer to provide a lead boost for the RAT. The Modtone chorus is one I picked up on Musician’s Friend stupid deal of the day, just because I needed a chorus at the time, and it’s worked for all my chorus needs ever since so I’ve never had a reason to replace. And the TC Transition is a great delay, I picked it up used, and it’s essentially an older iteration of TC’s Flashback models. I wanna get a reverb soon, but for now I run reverb on my Orange CR35LDX amp, which works for now, although it’s pretty generic and not very variable.
    So let’s see everyone’s beautiful boards!


    Sold-out Crowd Surfer
    Nov 11, 2019
    My pedalboard is
    Tuner-GLX wah-GLX acoustic simulator-TC Electronic viscous vibe-GLX equalizer-TC electronic mojo mojo overdrive- Xvive fuzz-GLX heavy metal distortion-MLX phase 90-Ibanez airplane flanger- xvive tremolo-GLX digital delay- TC electronic Hall Of fame reverb-TC electronic spark booster-Tc electronic ditto looper
    I uploaded a picture of it in another forum post on pedalboards.

    Ed Seith

    Supreme Galactic Overlord
    Staff member
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Marana, AZ USA
    I picked up a Drop pedal at Christmas time, and I have to agree – it’s a great pedal. They’re getting REALLY close to lag-free, and it’s awesome. It’s the only ACTUAL pedal I have
    The RAT is an awesome distortion. It’s got this, like, notch filter sort of thing in it, that makes an almost artificially “round” sound, and I love it. It’s got classic elements (Randy Rhoads used one!) but still sounds fresh.
    I’ve always been a digital multi-unit kind of guy. Back in the 90’s, when everyone was using pedals, I had a Roland GP-16 unit, which slayed. I’ve finally moved into the modern era now, and I use my AxeFX2XL+ with the MFC-101Mk3 and an expression pedal. The pedal is almost always a wah – I have it set to auto-on when it’s out of the -0- position, and auto off when it gets back there. The tone comes from the 5150 Red 100, and I use minimal effects on the dirty channel – a gate, some reverb, and some EQ and stuff. Some very light analog-y delays occasionally, and a Leslie emu for some cleans. I’m not especially picky about WHAT I use, as long as I can have some time to tweak it and find a feel I like.
    I love that I can go from the 5150 to a Vox AC-20 or any of dozens of other amps, cabs, and effects. I’ll be posting a riff video or something soon.
    Synner Endless Summer Collection