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SYN Custom S Sustaniac issue

Luke Glendinning

Garage band Groupie
Aug 18, 2020
Hey Guys! I finally was able to get my hands on my DREAM guitar the custom S. Was debating for a while because I consider myself a beginnermediate LOL, but I figure if I make consistent use of it as im working on my playing daily, its worth it to have a guitar I love!

I've noticed since I got it, the sustaniac seems to work for a couple hours at most, then I need to change the battery on it. I'm wondering if this is normal, or if there is another issue that I may have (battery coming loose some how, pickup too high or low etc). I am not experienced at all with working on a guitar so I would rather not open the thing up; just some general advice would be great before I take it in to have it set up.

It's worth noting that the pickup itself still works and plays- I'm not sure if it goes out or not when the battery is dead so that advice would be helpful as well. My first experience with active pickups, floyd rose etc. so there has been some growing pains. Appreciate it in advance!

Eric Kane

Campfire Attention Holder
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Are you leaving the guitar plugged in? If you leave it plugged in, the battery will die. Always turn the sustainiac off and unplug the cable from the guitar. If that’s not the issue, I’m not sure why it would be killing batteries so quickly. They last forever in mine. But I don’t use the sustainiac that much.
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    Zachary Armistead

    One Stringer
    Nov 11, 2019
    Do you turn the sustainiac off while you play? I keep mine off until I'm using it for a particular section and then flip it off again. By doing that my battery lasts quite a while. Also, like Eric mentioned don't leave it plugged in when not in use because that will drain the battery. Sustainiac's manual says the battery will last 15-40 hrs, and about 250 hrs of use while not sustaining (while plugged in). So the sound will cut out when the battery gets low enough, but most of the time you'll run out of sustain first and know to replace it.
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