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Syn's #AOTM July

Matt Wildcat

The Fierce Deity
  • Nov 11, 2019
    So, just got done giving this album a listen (Few days later than planned, been a busy week lol) and I'll say I'm pleasantly surprised! I've never listened to Sting before (that I know of, will touch on later), and honestly it was really an experience. I love being introduced to new music that strays from my comfort zone, and this managed to do so without being too far out from what I've heard before. Very enjoyable! The range of instruments, time signatures and just the general feel, that's something I really like exploring with new albums! Thank you!

    So now, here's a few thoughts on a few favourites (taken straight from my word doc, written during the experience!)

    If I ever Lose My Faith In You - Loving the mix on this. Can hear every instrument clearly, even bass. Love the range of instruments used too, hello harmonica! Those high notes in the bridge, daaamn! The section from around 3mins onwards being lower before going into regular chorus was a really cool choice, definitely stood out to me.

    Love is Stronger than Justice - Changing things up with time sigs, nice. Actually grateful PG mentioned the sig because I was gonna ask what it was LOL. That chorus progression is really nice, listened to it a few times over for good measure. Solo outro with the piano, bass and drums was a really nice touch and great way to finish a song. Already a fav track here.

    Fields of Gold - I have a strong feeling I've heard this one somewhere, but cannot think of where. Is that a nylon playing over the vocal melody and then playing an arpeggio in the next section after? Beautiful addition. Thoroughly enjoyed this song. Just shows you don't have to go absolutely wild to make a good song, just make sure it's memorable.

    She's Too Good For Me - That intro buildup was so good! 1:27 was an unexpected change, but good way to signify a change in lyrical content, makes it really stand out in a storytelling point of view, very nice.

    Seven Days - To be honest, I didn't actually have much written for this track just because I was enjoying it so much LOL. Time sig is cool, loved the percussion.

    Saint Augustine in Hell - Okay, we've got a thing with time sigs, and I'm digging it. I see what PG means by making time sigs seem so natural and yet so damn good. The more exposure I get to this, the better! Love the organ all the way through, a nice highlight if you will. 2:31 was ominous, and then he mentioned hell and I realised why LOL. "Breaks over!" and then back into organ solo, best transition ever. Outro was awesome. Love the mix of instruments again. Does it slightly detune right before it entirely fades out, or is that just the fade?

    It's Probably Me - Ooh, that percussion, almost sounds like raindrops. Got a real mystic vibe to it already with that and the guitar. Love the reverb on the vocals. Hello horns. What instrument is the one with the chord change stabs? Sounds like a guitar?

    Shape of My Heart - I think I need to learn that intro immediately. Even better that it's a repeating element all throughout the song. Such a laid back track, very relaxing to listen to.

    Nothing 'Bout Me - There's so many good songs that intro percussion reminds me of, and I love it. One thing I always love is the highlight lead stabs. Love the bassline too, throughout this whole album I've enjoyed the bass tone and how clear it is. Got a very jazz feeling to it, I feel, with the organ, horn section, etc. Hi there, piano solo! Outro with raising pitch and fade out was great, love how it essentially just becomes one note in the end. Awesome album!

    So, to conclude - Wrote too much, had a great time doing it. What an album. Thank you so much for introducing me to Sting, I've heard his name around a lot but again, I suck at actually investigating 'new' artists sometimes, LOL. On a side note, I wanna get better at reviewing these albums, I fear I just say the same thing and really wanna be able to delve deeper and understand what I'm hearing. Any pointers, lemme know!

    Cheers Syn and PG, can't wait for next time! 🤘 💀 🤘 ❤️