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Wassup SYNNERS?!


Free Bird Player
Nov 11, 2019
Hello one and all!
My name is Rexxavier Held-McGee.

I play both lead and rhythm guitar for SYMMETRICAL DEFIANCE, a quartet hailing from Rome NY.

Weve got almost 3k follows on FB and love
making music that we want to hear, and hope youll enjoy as well!

Weve got music on Spofity, Itunes, youtube and you can find us on most socials.

My snap: mixinmasta
Youtube: Sexy Rexxy (cringy but i love my fiance and she picked the name haha)
Insta: rexxaviermcgee

Guitar history:
Ive been playing on and off since i was 14, 13 years ago almost to the day. My lead style is very much influenced by SYN but not totally derivative, at least i like to think i put my own spin on it haha. I can 3,4,5 string sweep, im okay at alt picking and putting chords down.

SYN CUSTOM blk/silver pinstripe OG no sustainiac
SYN Special
Schecter Damien Platinum FR
Schecter Omen 6
MKH 7 str Epiphone
Dean acoustic/electric
And a couple shitty acoustics ive had for years. I love my SYN customs, both the Special and the OG pinstripe models, and i got em for a steal too! didnt spend more than 400 on either of em.

Ill be posting riffs and set-up tips ive picked up over the years. I love that this app exists.

Ive been an A7X fan since i was 14, and the LIVE IN THE LBC dvd was the first time i had seen these guys. That day, seeing SYN rip the second heartbeat solo lit a fire in my heart, and i picked up a guitar in school the next day and set up an Individualized Studies class with my favorite music teacher, Peter Guihan. (Peoples Academy Morrisville VT)

The most influential guitarists to my playing:

Ryan Knight
Brian Eschbach
Matt Heafy
Brandon Ellis
Rob Flynn
Nergal from BEHEMOTH
Alexi Laiho (RIP)
Willie and Mark from LoG

Damn this is long winded haha. I also do vocals. Clean and Growls. Ive got an accapella version of CLAIRVOYANTS DISEASE on my insta that exists... and demonstrates both if ya wanna check it out.

See ya late4 Synners!!!
Synner Endless Summer Collection