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Trying to diagnose the buzz/hum/ground noise

Hey i gotta slight buzz/hum coming from my Dean ml dimebag tribute guitar. i just put a seymour duncan dimebucker pickup in the bridge. all my grounds and solder joints look fine and i have continuity all over the guitar... when i touch the metal on the toggle switch, the jack input, the bridge and strings and the neck pickup the buzz/hum goes away.. i replaced the pot and resoldered it again for that pick up and still get buzz.. any ideas? I have tested my 2 other guitars on the same amp and patch chord to make sure they arent the issue aswell.. Im kinda stumped now lol. any help is greatly appreciated
should add that the noise does get louder when i touch the pickup i installed or if i touch the height adjustment screws for the pickup but it gets quieter if i touch the height adjustment screws on the neck pickup (stock i didnt change neck pickup the stock pickup has a metal baseplate but the new dimebucker the screws go into a plastic baseplate) but if i touch the strings the noise goes away then i can touch the pick up i get no noise... ive taped any piece of wire that cud possibly touch anything to ground out aswell. im stumped lol
the hum/buzz/noise disapears when you turn the volume pot to zero or when you turn the tone down to zero...
Any ideas anyone? :D lol thanks in advance

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Suggestion Accurate Interactive tabs for Avenged songs.

Hello I'd like to start the discussion about accurate interactive tabs for many Avenged Sevenfold songs. As many of you know alot of these songs are very technical, not having a proper tab only adds to the stress of learning a song.
Interactive/Pro tabs also relive some of the stress of learning songs I think I would be a great feature.

Uploading music

I live in India I used to upload my messing around on guitar with a melody at the center of it on Sportify and got like 5000 streams in a month using an online free distributer which does not exist in India anymore
The streams show that people had intrest is this kind of stuff
I want to Upload stuff on Sportify again but there is Distributers are way to expencive
Is there a way to upload stuff on sportify for free
The traks were mid at peak so you can also do it and make some money if lucky and if not most of you surely practice improvising so it is nothing extra just record audio in phone and master it with any AI website using a song you love as refrence to the AI and it makes very intresting music if your refrence is an absurd example for context so I trien giving pop sounding example to early Nirvana and the song changes it is really cool
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Reactions: Flower Hands

Ice Cream

SO… I am currently eating ice cream in the truck on the way home from getting said ice cream and the two flavors are chocolate chip cookie dough and Cookie Monster which is cookie dough and small chunks of ice cream sandwiches. but then it got me thinking if rock bands had their own ice cream flavor… what would it be
Put your food minds to the test and tell me your ideas and especially a avenged sevenfold ice cream

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Can someone help with the libad TOANS?

I love the new record and the solos are great. I will not go more into how this record is my favourite ever to keep this short. How do get the guitar tones? I really want to know how to replicate the tones in the mattel verses, the solo in cosmic and the solo and other tones in G. Thanks alot to anyone who helps me. These tones are the most different I've heard and I love them! Also how does syn gets some reverb while he holds down the harmonic notes in the solo which sounds like you're going through a tunnel?

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How to stop being so hard on myself

Hey guys, long time no talk eh? I have been ridiculously busy with university (graduating in July)and haven't been able to play guitar as much as I would like but I still manage to noodle around every day. I have been attempting to try and learn songs that I know parts of but dont know fully. I've been playing 11 years and can't play a full song so I wanted to change that but I am finding that what should be fairly easy like a sweep arpeggio trips me up and it's really frustrating.

I feel that this is more of a matter of ability compared to the length of time playing scenario but I honestly don't know how to go about practicing stuff slowly without feeling like im just really shit haha. My technique hasn't always been 100% great but I admit it's a hell of a lot better than it was but I just look at tabs sometimes and hear how they sound in the song and it's a complete muscle memory fuck despite doing similar techniques hundreds of times.

Anyone got advice for just not feeling like a complete tool when having to slow stuff down? At the moment (even though I know it's not) it just feels embarrassing the amount I have to slow stuff down to wrap my head around it.

New guy- what was your first concert?

Hey all!

I’m just beginning my Synner journey. For my 30th, my family pitched in and got me my dream guitar: the Custom-S! I haven’t touched an electric guitar in over a decade so now I have to learn how to shred!

Very excited to be here with y’all- it looks like it’ll be fun! ANYWAY- what was your first concert? Mine was the Eagles back in elementary school

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Advanced Sweep Picking

When it comes to sweep picking I am comfortable doing 3 string sweeps at high bpms, but as soon as I start trying to include more strings it seems near impossible. I came to the conclusion that its either lack of practice since I have only been learning sweeps for about 2 weeks now or that once my wrist bends to a certain point it makes it too hard to be able to sweep back down. If anyone has the secret to make it click please let me know, otherwise please share tips to help improve sweeping.

"Worlds Collide" Stream This Sunday!+LIBAD

Hey everyone! Cj and I will be live this Sunday, June 4th at 12pm CST for the second Worlds Collide panel for Synners!

This week we're discussing the new LIBAD album, as well as getting your thoughts on it and also to discuss how you prefer to enjoy music. We're also going to delve into the AI aspect that's been infiltrating the creative world lately and we also want to hear YOUR thoughts!

"Worlds Collide" Ep. 2 -LIBAD-
Sunday, June 4 · 12:00 – 1:30pm
Time zone: America/Chicago
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/nuz-wyhn-soj

I (We) Love You All

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to say thanks to Papa Gates and Syn and everyone involved with the new album for giving my dad an amazing birthday gift. He’s been counting down the days to finally be able to hear LIBAD and he’s been listening to it nonstop since it came out!

I just ordered some stuff from the store and can’t wait to bring it to him. If you guys in the community could send him a happy birthday message I’m sure it would make his world even more

Thanks so much for the new album!

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Advanced Improvisation

Hey guys! First post on here so I hope I'm doing this correctly. So I've been playing guitar for several years, inspired to play lead by THE Synyster Gates himself. I am entirely self taught, all by ear, and mostly deal with improvisational playing through church and other similar gigs.

The problem is, I want to apply a lot of the cool stuff I've learned from Syn over the years (such as some diminished stuff, some cool shred patterns, interesting note choices, etc.). The problem is, all of the music I'm playing is simple chord progressions (1,4,5,6 type stuff). I can shred all through the major and minor scales, and I understand enough about modes to apply them sparingly, but I've gotten so bored with my note choices. I would love to implement more diminished/dominant jazzier stuff, and I have tried Youtube and other sources, but I can't find anything that applies this interesting playing to the boring chord progressions that I am stuck playing. Nothing I am playing over has any dominant 7's or diminshed flat 5's and what not, making it seemingly impossible to mix what I've learned from Syn with the type of music I am playing multiple times a week.

Sorry for the essay, but I'm hoping that you guys can help me where nothing else has.


GOOD MORNING FELLOW SYNNERS!!! I totally didn’t check last night I feel so bad that I missed the whole chatting with Synyster and papa gates, I have been dealing with graduation stuff because I graduate SATRUDAY!!!

I am so ready to hear the new album!!! I plan on staying up tonight to wait for it to come out!!…
I can’t help but squeal about it 😶


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