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Does It Seem Like Social Media Is Dying To You?

Yeah I agree with Lindsey. I highly doubt live streaming will replace text based. It demands too much effort to open your camera and start talking to people. I think that live streaming is a natural evolution coming from Tv, youtube, etc... not so much directly from facebook, IG, twitter, etc. Doesn't mean that their path can't cross, as they for sure have, but the entire world loves too much the power and low effort of text messages as opposed to livestream or even video.

Though social media have been evolving, it's just that the scope of social medias have changed. Don't forget that each of those social media you mention have algorithms that push certain type of contents that fits a certain agenda. But there can also be the harsh reality that people aren't interested in a certain type of content anymore. More than ever, trends evolve and change so fast. So truth is, maybe guitar and music in general isn't as popular and interesting to newcomers as it once was. Maybe it's time for this universe to evolve too and buy services from Bumplikes !

Ah but then again, what do I know. It's just my thoughts!
Agreed, live streaming might not replace text-based content due to its higher effort demand, and social media algorithms influence content trends significantly.

Overview of the Electric Guitar – Lesson 1

Is anyone else having trouble marking this lesson complete? I can't seem to do so, and if I skip ahead, it keeps recommending I go back to this lesson after each lesson.
We've been transitioning to a new platform, this is the old forums. I invite you to go watch the lessons there: https://www.synner.com/

If you need any help, I also invite you to join the Avenged discord and ask in the Synner section!

Synner App problems

Hi I am having two issues with the Synner App right now:

1. On my tablet, when I open the app I have the option to Login or Register, if I click login I will always get an "404 this page cannot be found."

Register seems to work fine, but I cannot login as if the link isnt available anymore.

2. I cannot download the app on my phose as the Play Store says: This app isn't available for your device because it was made for an older version of Android.

I dont mind not having the app on my phone but Id love to login on my tablet so I can learn outside of my computer room.

Thank you!!

The app has pretty much been discontinued for the moment. Don't know when and if it will come back so unfortunately, not much can be done. Sorry.


Synner App problems

Hi I am having two issues with the Synner App right now:

1. On my tablet, when I open the app I have the option to Login or Register, if I click login I will always get an "404 this page cannot be found."

Register seems to work fine, but I cannot login as if the link isnt available anymore.

2. I cannot download the app on my phose as the Play Store says: This app isn't available for your device because it was made for an older version of Android.

I dont mind not having the app on my phone but Id love to login on my tablet so I can learn outside of my computer room.

Thank you!!

"Raiding" Synner Spotify profiles

Hey everyone! Thanks for sharing your Spotify profiles—it's such a cool way to connect through music. I've been exploring different genres lately and finding some real gems on Spotify.
So, I came across this site called Streaming Famous that offers to boost Spotify plays. I'm curious, has anyone here ever tried it out? I checked out their link https://streamingfamous.com/buy-spotify-plays/ and they seem to offer tailored packages for artists at different stages, which sounds promising. But at the same time, I wonder if it's really worth it. I mean, isn't genuine engagement from real listeners what we're after? What's your take on this?

Tales of a Musician - The Playlisting Conundrum

I can give you advice firsthand. Went from 12 monthly listeners to over 20k, got on Spotify official playlists, and had decent money coming in every month. No manager, label, assistants, etc it was all me.

I never liked any of the playlist "services" and think they're all junk.

First thing needed is a good and worthy song. Needs to compete with what else is out there and be well written and recorded.

Make sure you submit to Spotify playlists directly with the Spotify for Artists tool. I think they say to do it 4 weeks out from release but I found it was better for me when I did it 6-8 weeks out. I also found the email for the head of rock music at Spotify at the time and I would email her directly about the songs when before and when they were released. If they were put on a Spotify official playlist, I would make sure to thank her and even make social media posts about being on the playlists.

The Spotify playlists are now largely algorithmic and a lot less personally curated. This is at least true after the head of rock at Spotify stepped down. So you need to feed Spotify information about your track using the playlist submission on the Spotify for Artists tool. Make sure you're putting tags that actually describe your song and you're giving them accurate information.

My band didn't start off with Spotify Editorial playlists on release day at first. Eventually we got there. But we had to trigger the algorithm first in order to get traction. Having people presave your song is huge and will help with that. Incentivize them to do so if needed, hold a contest. Also getting followers on Spotify will be very beneficial. Most people don't take the time to follow on there. The next thing that will help a lot is being added to other users playlists and getting streams, which is sorta obvious. But how to get that to happen isn't as obvious.

I was finding and contacting playlist curators big and small and I was RELENTLESS. I was using Facebook and LinkedIn and IG to find them and get in contact. Another trick is go to Spotify and search whatever genre or lifestlye playlist you wanna be on ("rock" "gym workout" etc.) and then type in @gmail.com, or @yahoo.com, or whatever email provider and it will show you playlists that have the curators email in the bio. They want you to contact them for submissions.

Now that brings us to money and payola. Yes, Spotify frowns about paying to be on playlists but they do nothing to enforce or stop it. I'm talking about non Spotify official playlists. Spotify "doesn't take payment" to be on their official playlists but labels are in bed with Spotify and while they aren't paying Spotify directly to be on playlists, they pay in other ways.

I can tell you firsthand that big bands, labels, and managers are directly paying playlist curators (non Spotify official) to be on there playlists. Curators have told me this directly and I completely believe it. It's a form of advertising and marketing and in the end it benefits the artist and label.

I reached out to a lot of the big playlists and they all sent me prices. They aren't giving a physical product, so it's easy to make deals with them. They'll usually let you get a trial month at a discounted rate. One playlist forgot to take us off their trial and just had us on the playlist for free for months. You can usually talk them down on the monthly price. Also looked for additional sources of funding. I visited free spins no deposit poland several times to see new items. This gave me some money and I invested it in promotion. Most will give you a discount if you pay for a few months at a time, and will give you a discount if you do multiple songs at a time. Most will give you a good rate if you say "this playlist has more followers than yours and is charging me less". It's definitely a good idea to get trials of these playlists to see which ones are worth it and working for you and your songs. Not every song will be a good match on every playlist, but these curators dont really care and only want money.

A good portion of the followers on these large playlists may or may not be botted. I have no way to prove they are or aren't, I only see the data presented to me from Spotify about my songs. But regardless, they gave me streams, followers, and unique monthly listeners. Some people were adding us to their own playlists because they found us there. I can't help if some of them are bots. I could pay to have bots go give 1000 plays to some random bands songs and it's not their fault. But botting your songs is usually pretty obvious.

As I mentioned briefly before, I reached out to small playlists as well. Most of them aren't worth paying, so they really just gotta dig the song. It may not even be worth trying to track the person down if the playlist is too small.

But all of these things triggered us to Spotify's algorithm. We were put on "Radio" stations of other similar bands and were put on people's algorithmically personalized playlists on songs they might like because Spotify had enough data on our songs and who listened to them and what else they liked. After that, the songs literally worked themselves. To this day I'm still making money off these songs because the algorithm is still pushing them to people. Spotify took notice and eventually added some songs so editorial playlists after release.

To sum up another one of my Synner.com novels, you gotta make sure you have a high quality product and you gotta work as your own record label to push it. Don't be afraid to pay, but make sure they're worth paying.

Nice progress. I have about ten of them, and it seems like they're just my acquaintances. Hopefully, things will get better from here

hello there

Hello everybody!! Im ryuk, a guitarist kinda obvious but yeah, i've started playing guitar 12 years ago but i wasn't really that motivated until 7 years ago, i am 16 years old soon 17, ive been learning by my own until recently because i didnt know my keys nor scales i was just playing by ear or looking at tabs the whole time... yeah that was until recently i learned about the guitar lessons here, since Synyster Gates was the reason why i got motivated at playing guitar, I've decided to start learning here and so far it really helped me alot, im in a band im the lead guitarist and singer im mostly the one who compose, and by ear its really hard to share with my bandmates those riffs and ideas i have, as i had no clue what so ever about the notes i was playing and in what key i was, although im still learning and there's still alot more to learn, just a few lessons really helped me understand more guitar in general, So thank you Synyster and Mr Gates. Sr for helping me get better and learn the scales and keys as i really needed to learn those, but there is still alot of things for me to learn here so i should get back to it :cool:

New to the community

Hey everyone! I've been playing guitar for almost 7 years now, and I am 15 years old. I'm not entirely new here, as I have been learning for a month now, but I thought to finally post something on here. The reason I joined was because my biggest influence was Synyster Gates, but one problem. I had no clue how to play like him. Until I joined this community. Before I joined I had been stuck in a massive plateau not making much progress and being stuck, but that all changed when I joined. I learned more stuff in a week, such as harmonic minor with the modes, melodic minor, the blues scale, the major and minor modes, and more, but not only did I learn to play a style like syn and get better at his style, but it made me a better guitar player in general and more rounded. A couple of months ago I joined my high school jazz band not expecting much, but because the knowledge I learned here made it easier to understand how jazz works and how I can incorporate blues with my playing in the jazz band and at home. So thank you Synyster and Mr Gates. Sr for helping me become a way greater and better guitar player than I had ever imagined becoming.


Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since we last made an update on things and there are good reasons for it. In the past year, Syn and the team have been thinking about the evolution of Synner and today we are ready to announce the first phase of this new chapter.

The first change is that the forums will drastically be reduced and will be used for questions about the lessons content (lessons content only) for the moment.

We invite you all to join the Official Avenged Sevenfold Discord as all the community aspects of Synner will happen on there from now on.

The second change is about the lessons. You all know by now that we had a little incident last year with our lessons. We are still working hard to recover and re-sync them all and while we made a lot of progress, it will take time before it’s all back up to normal.

More importantly, the lessons will migrate to SynTv which is where the focus of our attention will be in the next phase. Their transfer will begin shortly, in the next couple days/week.

I know that this will come as bad news for some of you. But know that all those decisions were taken after much consideration following the vision that Syn has for Synner. This is the start of something new as we aim to have the most modern experience with the best technology for everyone. And while the form changes, Synner is here to stay!

If you have any question, we will be happy to answer them below.

Thank you everyone!
Will, the existing threads on here be archive? There’s some pretty unique and valuable insight on here. It would be a real shame to lose it all. Threads about gear the band has used in the studio, etc..


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