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Golden Goddess Guitar Leaderboard

Media added by Richard O'connor

Cover of serve you right by slash ft mk
Haven't uploaded in a long time and I know its a day late but i thought id give the halloween challenge a go. Its only a very short piece. I basically just re wrote the halloween theme in a different style. Hope you guys enjoy
an improv over fermi paradox. this was REALLY difficult. I couldn't get the original solo out of my head, so anything i did was sounding like it. A lot of mistakes in there, so feedback welcome±
Improv over seize the day as per sayonils challenge
thought id have a bash at the seize the day solo. enjoy!
been working on the solo from the stage. Having a real hard time nailing down that duel part. any tips?
Thought id have a go at improvising over the chord progression D C G for the latest challenge. Hope you enjoy. Feedback always appreciated
Cover of tremonti's my last mistake solo.
my attempt alter bridge's black bird solo. a tough one for all sorts of reasons, but a tough one to get the feel of it down.
the solo i wrote for the backing track i made. feel free to use the track yourself
i uploaded a video of this a while back. i've been struggling with ideas for this for a while now. this is the chorus going into the verse. was hoping i could get some feedback as to whether it actually works, sounds any good? or total rubbish and scrap it?
A Cover Of Youve Got No Right By Velvet Revolver. One Of My Favourite Solos By Slash
A Cover of Slash's Too Far Gone Solo From World On Fire
A Cover of Alter Bridges Cry Of Achillies Guitar Solos
came up with a riff idea and a chorus to go along with it. Thoughts on it? Not really sure how to turn into rest of a song.
cover of sweet child o mine. still getting used to holding that pick the right way.
This is a solo from an old band that i used to be in years ago. Feedback always appreciated.
Another old demo. No vocals. Still trying to nail that solo. A lot of stuff to work on in it. Sweeping, Legato, Alternate Picking. Wish I Never Wrote It LoL. Always Looking For Feedback.
Wanted to share on old demo with you guys see what you think. Has no vocals, yet to find somebody. All recorded with Pod Farm through logic pro. Hopefully record it properly in the near future.
Been working on my economy picking last couple of days. Advice always appreciated.
Been working on my economy picking and sweeping so i thought id give this a go.
If you haven't already, check out a guy on facebook called Jared James Nichols. He's an awesome blues player that plays without a pick. Heres my attempt at playing without a pick. Sorry papa gates, ill keep trying with the lesson on how to hold a pick properly =]