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Lesson description

3-1-1-3-1-3 Around The World in G minor

Syn's tips

This ATW has the opposite effect of the previous ATW Etude as this one begins with a wider intervalic range and sounds as if it is coming in for a landing rather than taking off. This should illustrate the not so obvious fact that you can throw in smaller sweeps at any time in your playing. They don’t have to only happen when you are in “sweeping” mode. They can happen in small bursts and in lower registers for the purpose of surprising the listener.

However these ATW’s speak to you, I guarantee that it will increase the hell out of your familiarity with the Pentatonic scale and facilitate an effortlessness in your playing that you may never have known you have.

It’s all about hangin out and asking questions. These videos and tips won’t do a thing for you if you're having trouble with them or you don’t apply them to a multitude of different scales and situations so go hang out with us in the Discussion Thread above, we are here to help 🤘
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