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Lesson description

5 Note Groups in F minor (3rd Mode - b7 sus 2/4)

Syn's tips

This is probably my favorite Grouping because of how odd it is. It feels naturally “Displaced” when played straight or in triplets and adds a kind of controlled chaos to your runs.

I also really like the Backing Track on this one because I rarely play Funk anymore and this was a fun one to write and play to so please, play to all of the backing tracks located in the SoundSlice player because it will really help with your feel and time. I do my best to make them all a little different so that you can gain experience in a multitude of different styles, chord changes, and key signatures.

I started a topic in the forums for Backing Tracks Here that has an image showing where to find them. Any questions can be asked there or in the Discussion Thread above. Have fun 🥳
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