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Lesson description

3-1-3-1-3 Around The World in A minor

Syn's tips

This ATW(Around The World) is great for playing vertically without feeling stuck. This has been an invaluable tool in my playing and I use this for all of my scales as well. You can use the 3-1-3 pattern in other scales and once you do the leg work, you will notice that you have created your own Pentatonics out of other scales like Melodic and Harmonic minor, etc. Major and Minor Pentatonics are just 5 notes out of the Major and Minor scales so why can you create those from other scales? I have and they sound AMAZING!

So go explore and treat Pentatonics as a philosophy rather than an actual one dimensional scale. Almost like a hidden system within other scales that allows you to take your 5 favorite notes of a scale and apply this crucial benefit of 3-1-3 economy picking.

This is 100 lifetimes worth of work so please do your best to find a practicing method that you enjoy because even those of us who have devoted an entire life to the craft, never get to their perceived “finish line”

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