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In this lesson we go over the Lydian mode – it’s scale construction and related chords.

Syn's tips

This is one of my personal favorites and this solo IS my fav great work PG!

I love the Lydian sound. I love anything with a sharp(#) 4th or it’s “enharmonic” equivalent, a flat(b) 5th for that matter! It creates such an ethereal and dreamy sound in major and such a bluesy and sometimes twisted sound in minor but let’s not get into minor just yet.

This is probably a little early to get into this but oh well here we go! In certain contexts, you can experiment with the Lydian sound in any major context as long as it resolves correctly to your ear!

So for example, if your playing a chord progression in the key of G major(Ionian), any time you come back to that G Ionian chord, you can play G Lydian over it as long as you don’t stay there for too long. This will give you a sound of tension that will make you want to resolve back to Ionian. This process is called ”Tension and Resolution”.

Remember when I discussed Substitutions in my tips for the “Extended Arpeggios in a Single Position Lesson”? Well, this is an example of a type of substitution called ”Modal Substitution” and when done very carefully and tastefully, it can really draw in a listener when used extremely sparingly.

Remember, this is just a jumping off point for you guys to get a conversation going about all the cool things you can do with the primary material from each lesson. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with skipping my bonus material or even coming back to it later once you’ve acquired a solid understanding of the actual lesson material.

Please share your questions and tips by uploading a video of yourself in the "Discussion Thread" section below! Can’t wait to hear what you guys come up with for this one!
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