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Lesson description

In this lesson we go over the Mixolydian mode – its scale construction and related chords.

Syn's tips

Great solo once again PG!

Lots of cool licks and gems in PG’s solo so try and get as much of that down as you can. Remember, you can speed up and slow down any part of the solo or entire video via the navigation bar in the lesson player. That should make things a lot easier for you guys!

Apply all of your licks, techniques, and embellishments to the backing tracks located in the “content” menu in the lesson player.

Remember our Arpeggio Substitutions we discusssed in my “tips” section in The Extended Arpeggios in One Position Lesson? Find the arpeggios that have the most common tones with the Dominant 7th chord your playing and apply those to your soloing to color your Dom. 7 chords more interestingly.

Oh alright, I’ll tell you which two work the best to my ear;) The Dorian Minor 7th and the Locrian Minor 7 b5 Arpeggios. The Dorian arp gives you your Dom 11th notes and the Locrian arp gives you the key qualities of a Dom. 9 chord.

The Dom 11th chord is a normal Dom 7 chord with an additional extended note, the 11th, which is also the 4th essentially. The Dom 9 chord is a normal Dom 7 chord with an additional extension, the 9th note of our Dom 7 scale, also known as the 2nd. The reason for referring to them as 11ths and 9ths is because when you build extended chords, you start with the foundational notes first. In this case we have the Root, the 3rd, and the 5th as our primary notes. After that, we get into extensions and the primary note of extended chords is the 7th. Then we build on top of that with 9ths, 11ths, and 13ths to name a few.

Don’t worry if this doesnt make sense yet ,it will if you choose to pursue the inner workings of music known as Music Theory.

Please share videos of yourselves demonstrating the material or what your having issues with by uploading them to the "Discussion Thread" section below Be supportive of each other and have fun!
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