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Media added by Mariler

Blues practice 2

Here's another example. Same backing track as my other video, trying to sound different...a bit clumsy sometimes too... I'm recording and listening to what I play a lot, trying to be aware of my weaker spots. I always tend to play too many notes, and this helps

Blues practice 1

It's been a while since I posted a video in the school. Life's been busy. I've been working on my blues improv. Basically I'm trying to come up with different ideas using the same backing track. I try to be mindful of my landing notes.

hotel california progress

Captain @[1427:@Ed Seith] told me to make a progress video, and here it is, like I promised. Been fixing some wrong notes with the help of the theory. My big goal is to get the full solo by ear and check with the theory, so I'm gonna keep on working on the next sections during the next weeks. Will be posting when I have something new.
I’m learning to get solos by ear and analyze them to apply the theory. It’s hard...but it’s really fun!!🤩 This is my 3rd one. Still in the works and I think I’ve got some wrong notes, but it’s beginning to sound pretty decent I guess 😊

My Sharona progress vid#2

Been working on it during the week. I would say the faster parts in the middle of the solo sound a bit cleaner than in the first video. I'm definitely feeling more confident playing these parts. Btw, I didn't tune the guitar before recording and it's a bit out of tune, sorry about that, but I didn't have time to make a new video and I pretty much liked the take. Anyway, there's still some work to do...
Haven't been around lately, I'm sorry...but I'm back now. I thought it was a good idea to track my progress on this solo. I'm taking it as a long term project because it's soooo fast that is hard for me to follow, and I need to work on my technique separately, otherwise I get stuck like at 80% and can't speed up. I started some months ago and I come and go, practice for a period, then kind of quit, then go back to it and so and so. Started at a very slow speed and have been speeding up little by little during these months in the hope that I would eventually be able to reach 100%. Here you can see my suffering trying to follow 100%. I know some parts need putting the metronome down and cleaning up. That's why I wanted to share with y'all and I'll be posting here my progress

SGS pedal contest

Here’s my entry to the pedal contest. Some beginner stuff here, I would name it “Nothing fancy”. Since one of my goals is feeling the fretboard, memorizing it from top to bottom, I’m exploring the arps and triads. So here I’m basing on lesson 50, where Syn says “you need to memorize the sound of all four triads”. There’s a lot on the plate here and as a beginner I need to take small bites, that’s why I’m focusing on the major triads and arpeggios. I created my backing track in D and messed around (and messed up sometimes too, lol) a little with my arps and triads, finding the notes moving up and down the fretboard slowly. I should mention too that I’ve finally internalized another one of Syn’s tips, which he mentions in a lot of the lessons (like lesson 38 for example) and I’m trying to practice slowly and make my playing smooth.
Felt like some practice on the old Spanish guitar. I wanted to learn this song since I started learning guitar but always postponed because it's freaking fast for me. Paco de Lucía was a true virtuous, he could shred on Spanish guitar.
I posted this song here 6 months ago. I decided to try back again to track my progress since then. Thanks to the feedback I’ve been getting on my videos from friends like @[477:@Ids Schiere] , @[1427:@Ed Seith] , @[3987:@Dominik Gräber] , and others I’ve been working on bends and vibrato and compared with 6 months ago I can proudly say there’s been some progress. Thank you all for your valuable help ❤️❤️❤️
I posted a part of this solo some weeks ago. Since then I've been working on it in and out, because I wasn't feeling totally comfortable when I tried to speed up. I decided to stop practicing the solo and include some picking exercises in my practice routine to strengthen my technique a little bit before trying to speed up again. Now I'm back on track again and feeling much more confident. It's still sloppy, but I keep trying. Any constructive critics to help me improve on this are welcome
Die mf die (Dope) Covid has definitely made too many changes in our lives in a short time. This is how I relieve my stress in case someone is interested. The song is specially dedicated to the mf virus

lesson 69 improv

Feeling comfortable today 😊

syn's etudes pentatonic IX

Hopefully someday I’ll be mastering the scales and my technique will be better. So far this is all I’ve got 😁

lesson 111 improv #13

Had some fun with this track 😊

lesson 17 improv #12

Thankfully easier track today 😅

PG lesson 12 improv

Waaaaayyyy over my head again 😱. But really had some fun trying

lesson 100 improv

Reasonably proud of myself today, this is genuinely an improv because it's really my first take, hesitating sometimes because wasn't sure which scale I was in, and in some parts spitting too many notes for the same reason

lesson 63 improv #6

My last improv for the challenge. I got a bit lost and there's some wrong notes, but I like some parts of the improv. Something good is that every day I need less previous practice to come up with some ideas I can develop (always from my beginner's skills) :)

lesson 85 improv #3

I realized that it’s been 3 years now since I started learning. I wouldn’t figure out back then that I would ever be able to be doing this. Still a noob and lots to be learned, but hopefully practice will make me better.
2nd day of my improv challenge. Still trying to figure out how to surf over the fretboard creating melody and motif
here's my first try at the extreme improv challenge...there are some notes that shouldn't be there, please don't be mean to me :)
Never thought I would play this song at 100% speed but here I go. Endurance fails me though and towards minute 2 or 2:30 I lose the timing and try to catch up with the song. My challenge now is to be able to release some tension from my arms to be able to play the full rhythm clean
@[477:@Ids Schiere] metal poll inspired me to try some Pantera stuff and this Fucking Hostile is great to practice a fast heavy powerful rhythm. I can barely go 80% so far and I'm not sure if I'll ever make it to 100%, but I have to try :)